Ash Wednesday… the start of our journey

(The image of Jesus Christ as Clown is very ancient, and is found in art, eg. by George Rouault, a French artist of the 1930’s. Jesus is ridiculed, but remains silent, is laughed at but remains serene. And still is.)

What are the teachings of this
Clown of mine,
that I should weave into
the warp and woof of life?
What is His foolishness that
now is wise?

-’Find happiness in clarity of heart?
-Find fullness in the empty of this spirit?
-Find wealth unknown in gentleness?
-Have hunger in my heart for uprightness?
-Make way for weakness in the ones
with me?
-Create a bridge of peace in brokenness?

Take stick and sticks
until they form a cross,-
be freely nailed on ridicule,

then laugh
until the light arises in the dawn
and then they well may ask:
‘Who are these clowns?’ -
or some day they
may come
and gaze into the mirror
of this Cross,
and see their call to be
the Guilty-Now-Forgiven  Welcomed Ones!

Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.

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