A Never-ending Ocean, bottomless and shoreless

“A never-ending ocean, bottomless and shoreless”,-

his passion and his dying,

instead of us,

for us.

‘Ours…he was bearing.’ (‘bearting‘)*

                                           ’Ours…he was carrying’                            (Isaiah 53)

‘for our rebellions…’

‘because of our guilt’

‘We’   replaced by   ‘He’

‘Us’   replaced by   ‘Him’:

Who can fathom this bottomless ocean?

I stand on the shore of a shoreless sea,

dip my soul as if my toe;-

who can fathom the heart of God,


He  ‘became sin’:

the Holiness of Holiness

          is ‘transformed’ into Sin, (2 Cor.5:21)

that I and we and you

be transformed into ( a pure gift!)

Holiness, – the Holy of Him

 who is the Holy One.

Steeped to my every fibre,-

it has been done!

Now will I follow in

to where Sin is no longer Sin

in me, because of


He took it, he became it, -it crushed his

Man-God heart to flour, grounded,

that I might eat new bread, new grace,

baked in the heat of the Cross,

and broken now, like Him, for all, for me.

I cannot fathom,

but I will eat no less.


Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.

(on reading R. Cantalamessa “Life in the Lordship of Christ”, Chapter 4)

*’bearting’ derives from the Irish word ‘beart’, a bundle you carry on your back.

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