‘Abba, Father!’

ABBA  now,

at last,-

Abba always in my past

but now allowed


I let my Self be loved

of you.

Opening this shuttered heart

just one small bit

that love may enter in,-

I fear a burst of it,

I cannot face the open furnace door,

nor dam that bursts upon me.

And so I drink today

just this day’s cup:

then having tasted it,

the thirst you put in me

may grow

and I may crave for you.

But now, for now

a taste is what I want.

My finite mind portrays a finite heart,

that has not grasped,

that has not let itself be grasped,

 by Love.

Abba! Abba! God of tenderness,

my Abba-God,

this door is opening now

and nothing will come between us,-

Enter in.


Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.

(Reflection on Chapter Eight of the Letter of Paul to the Romans)

(‘Abba’ is the intimate Hebrew and Arabic word for one’s father)



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