Palm Sunday: ‘Christ is Our Passover’ – ‘What is the Meaning of these Holy Days?’

What is the meaning

of these Holy Days,

this Festival which now

we enter on?

What ‘Passing Over’ are we witness to,

that once took place

and here is present, now?

We are the people walking through

the sea of Calvary, forgiven people who

are here set free.

We are the ones in whom He

passes, now,

from separation /’No !’

to union /’Yes !’

For all our gathered SIN of

all our gathered world

is passing over him

in waves of death,

until,  emerging, he accomplishes

his exodus, and ours, to unity

where all can breathe new breath

of life in Him,- can be again.


We pass with him, from our ‘world’ to the Father’s.


Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.

(on reading Cantalamessa: ‘The Mystery of Easter’.)

(Find also in, under title ‘Mystagogia’, meaning The Teaching of the Mysteries’,- a Greek word used in the early Christian communities when new believers were introduced to the mysteries of faith, after their Baptism.)



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