Outrageous Grace

‘Outrageous Grace’

What Crazy God would do

such crazy thing

as, knowing what would come, still

sent a Son

to those who in their time

and times

would cast him out,

make fun of him,

spit in his face,

neglect him and

at last, and always,

hang him from a beam

until the very last of him

was gone -

to God.

How crazy has God been?

Just so he did,

still does,

and still he lives who died

with such great love.

Who now is ‘crazy’ in this Great Affair?


(On hearing ‘Outrageous Grace’ on CD by Godfrey Birtill, and remembering a saying by Alphonsus Liguori about our ‘crazy God’- our God who is ‘crazy’ with love for us, or ‘crazy’ about us!- ‘pazzo per amore’)

Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.



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