First Sunday after Easter: ‘Resurections: Give me your Hand!’

RESURRECTIONS:  Give me your hand!

‘Give me your hand’

to wipe a tear,

to make a cup of tea:

Do not be unbelieving but believe

that I am here,

before you and within;-

Give me your hand

to touch a wound with tenderness,

to change a dressing,

find a medicine:

to teach young hands to write,

to play with paint

and clay;-

to touch another’s life with love,

there is my Resurrection


in you.

‘Give me your hand’ said He

and in the giving, eyes are opened wide

to see the Lord, alive:-

his wounds are all our wounds,

his hands now all our hands.

He is,-

and He is here.


Seamus Devitt, C.Ss.R., from

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