Good Friday Morning: ‘Death of the Anaconda’ #2


The ‘Now‘ had come

at last,-

the Agoné begins,

the Wrestling,

when Princes meet

to death,-

‘Prince of this world’ the one,                                                (John 12:31)

now meets ‘the Prince, the Lord, of Glory’.                                     (1 Corinthians 2:8)


Obedient Son, the Sent,

-Divine,  and Mary’s child-

stands opposite

the One Who Will Not Serve.


This Anaconda grasps the Christ of God;

Now is his hour,

the moment opportune

for which he waited long.                                                            (Luke 4:13)


The Testing now begins.

He will take all, until his

Victim bows the knee,-

the Son of God, of Man

now in his power.


He winds his ever-tightening coils, of hate,

seeking to crush from Him

one breath, just one,

of homage to his name.


And still he crushed,

with no remorse,-

for this was Agoné-  to death:


But Jesus did not turn,

no matter that the coils

wound ’round his soul,-

until the moment came,-

last breath of all,-

Was it for Satan?  or

for God?


‘Father’, he cried, -still ‘Father’!-

‘Into YOUR hands                                                                         (Luke 23:46)

I give this breath,-

my last, my every breath!’


The Anaconda, crushing to the last,

was in that crushing


The Prince of Glory cries


‘Prince of This World’  now                                                            (John 19:30)

is driven out.                                                                                    (John 12:31)


(Reflection on John Chapter 12:20-31)

Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.,   from

The Anaconda is probably the largest reptile, and crushes its victims, human or animal, to death, by coiling around them.

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