Jerusalem to Emmaus? Emmaus to Jerusalem? Our Choice.

Jerusalem to Emmaus? Emmaus to Jerusalem?-  Our choice.

Are we embarrassed?

Have we been running,


to our Emmauses-

because we’re mortified -in these so-modern times -

by Calvary?

Have we, for forty years, been wandering


but there

where the Inner Temple of the Heart of God

-His love, beyond all words, in deed-

has been revealed;

where all who now would see,

would see this Jesus man,-

would come and gaze and hold in pondering heart

appalling opposites,

a True God


by would-be gods,- ourselves?

We are embarrassed by the richness of it all,-

the open heart of God,-

upon one hill, one day, there in Jerusalem.

We are embarrassed by the shame of it,

and we have run away.


Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R., from


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