Monday of Holy Week: ‘Brilliance, from Darkness’


He faced the cave of darkness,


for this is why he came:

his heart was filled with terror,

with disgust,-

for this was why he came:

He chose to enter in

to Sin,


for this is why he came.


He walked

into that cave-

he walked and walked

until he then became the

Dark of it,


for this is why he came:

and walking in the Garden of that Dark,

he took it into him,-absorbed it all,

became a human sponge

that gathered every shred of

ever-dark into his being,-

he took, absorbed, became

the dark of us

(for this is why he came)-

and then, because he did,

the darkness went from us,

and then we stood,-we stand-

in brilliant light, set free,

for darkness crushed in him

-by entering in-

became the Light,

the Brilliant light of his and our


‘For this I came into the world…’        (John 12:46)

(Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R., from

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