Tuesday of Holy Week: ‘Darkening’


Sorrow clouds now gather,

Days of Sin’s great gloom,

The Holy One prepares himself

for utter abandonment


His head, his whole self

pressed down and down and down

beneath the ever-darkening

waters of


He entered it, it entered into

his entrails,

his churning nauseated


He swallowed it for us

and felt defiled by

the appallingness of it.

He let himself be cut away from


Whom he so loved,

Who so loved him.

He became lost with those who have lost themselves,

felt the speechless anguish of being

alone, alone, alone…

No words, no mind can grasp what he has done,

what has been done to him

by sin.

It gave its all to him, but didn’t win.

It never crushed him for he took it all,

its every all,

then stood again and we with him.

Praise him in silent ways, these days.

Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R. (from www.emptifulvessels.com)  

(Tuesday of Holy Week.)


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