Wednesday of Easter Week: ‘Uncork the Wine!’


of the Crucified,-

abundant Feast

for now a

wine-washed world.

How can we repay

except to drink and drink and


until a deadening dearth

gives way to

lavish life of lavish love?

Now washed and ringed

and robed,

the scattered sons and daughters

come again

in feast for who we are,

one family,

where Lamb is laid

upon our now-pure plate,

and all are gathered into One,

the Son,

Our Mary’s Son,-

all loved as He is loved.

The new-baked Bread today

will be for us the


we gather,

 in the deserts of our hearts,

a strength , together, for our road:

this Wine that we uncork, today

is free for all

who wander on the highways

of the world

and byways of our hearts, astray.

Uncork this Wine again,

for we are Home ;

Now let our feast begin,

in Him,

the Risen Crucified.

Seamus Devitt, C.Ss.R., from

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