Wednesday of Holy Week- ‘Spy Wednesday’: ‘Gethsemane’


Who was it said that ‘Yes’?-

‘Not my will but yours be done!‘?

A man, a truly man,

a truly God within

the Trinity.

A God said human Yes

to God,-

A man who took us to himself,

one flesh with us,

one body now with him,-

When He said Yes, We said it too

with him;

we did not know it,

but we know it now.

Will I now say what once I said in Him?

This Man, this God,

this Me that now I am

in Him-

together, now all one, we

kneel on self-same ground and say

that self-same Yes



(Reflection on Cantalamessa  ‘The Mystery of Easter’   re Gethsemane: Who is this who obeys?)

Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R. (from


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