“Jesus is LORD”,- well, kind of, sort of…

‘Jesus is Lord’

Jesus is, – well,
kind of,
sort of,
you know what I mean, but then,
so what? -
great for him if he’s into
that sort of glory stuff,-
inflation, self-inflation maybe
is what I would call it.
‘But, now, let’s get on to something real’
said he,
embarrassed that he ever brought it up.

he heard the
of delight,
animated, filled with someone’s soul.
“JESUS IS LORD !”- and with no fear,
no hesitant pause,
a cry
of Joy
like to the Shepherds’ in the dark
of their nights,
a Light, a Song,
a Chorus-
‘Today -for you–in Bethlehem
a Saviour, Christ, the LORD.’

‘LORD of what?’ said he-
-of hearts and bowels
minds desires
and lustings-
the Dail*,.
the City parks
and offices
computing hands and heads,
of businesses,
of prayer
and commerce-
the land, the air we breathe,
fish-kills from effluent,
flooded fields
and poetry.

The Dancers dance their joy in God our Saviour,
Poets praise, and Singers soar to
depths unheard before-
Jesus has DIED,
the Christ, the Son of the Most High God
laid low
the Holy One carries all of Sin
in its Divine Ugliness
upon his torn back.
The Son became the Sin,- in us, for us,
and He is Risen! Here
this moment, in this place.

(from www.emptifulvessels.com poems by Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.)

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