Pentecost Sunday: ‘Our Generation too experiences Pentecost’.

We too were there, in that Upper Room, ‘together with Mary, the Mother of Jesus’. We too are asked not to leave, until we have received the Promise of the Father. And the same Holy Spirit hovers over the gathered people of God in this generation, with all its challenges and pain, in the world and in the Church. Pope John XXIII gave a prayer before the Council, for the whole Church to pray: ‘Give us, once again, all the miracles and gifts of Pentecost. And that goes for us all, in 2012.

A good friend is like having the wind at your back! The Holy Spirit, poured into our hearts by the Father, is energy, fire, power, enthusiasm, drive, joy, laughter, fun, happiness,- and that’s just for a start. With the Holy Spirit in your heart, you’re rarin’ to go!  All we have to do is say ‘COME,  O HOLY SPIRIT!’, often, daily if possible, as our prayer, as our ‘hunger’.  Have a daily THIRSTY heart, and it will be filled.

Have an empty vessel and it will be filled! If you given even a thimble of a vessel of the heart to God, it will be filled. If you offer a glass, it will be filled. If you offer a large basin, thirsting for the Holy Spirit to live in you, you will be filled, provided you keen on asking, day in and day out, in a regular pattern of prayer. The Holy Spirit is given by Jesus as ‘his first gift to those who believe’ (Eucharistic Prayer 4).

Our prayer for every day, for the whole Church, in 2012, is just four words:-             ‘COME, O HOLY SPIRIT!’

Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R. 

(See ‘Furnace’ in collection of poems by Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R., Esker, on

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