Reflection for Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 6.

Gospel is John 15: 1-8,- The Vine and the Branches.

How rooted are we? How connected are we? ‘Put your roots down into the soil of God’s marvelous love‘ (Psalm 139, Living Bible). Have you, by any chance, some torn ‘ligaments’?  Ligaments are connections,- and the word religion comes from re-ligare, to connect again, with your Maker, your ‘Heavenly Father’ as Jesus describes him.

Jesus describes himself  like a plant,- “I am the Vine,- and you are the Branches!‘ Are we really connected into Him, is our energy, the sap of our souls, flowing from Him into us? Yes,- if we are really connecting him, if we are on-line with him. But maybe my Wi-fi is down,- from my side,- and I’m not connected for the moment. ‘Live in me, and let me live in you‘, or ‘Make your home in me, and let me make mine in you”,  or ‘Abide in me, and I will abide in you.’ He invites, and then he waits. It’s our move, now. Will I log-on to Jesus? Will I repair the wi-fi of my heart?

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