Trinity,- ‘In Dwelling’.

In Dwelling

To be still,
     to be
          where the Trinity lives-
               in me:
I hear a stirring
     in my soul's
     a life, the Life,
          is dwelling in
               my being.  

Be still,
          bow deep
               with breathless awe,
     or like a child that rests
          in its mother's lap
               at ease,
be still,  be thankful,  be.  

Sometimes it's ecstasy,
     and sometimes porridge,
          but still there lives in me
               this Trinity.  

I cannot speak, for simply I don't know
     what all this means,
          for God is God,
               and I am simply me,-
     I live in God and
          God so lives in me.
So, let it be.

(At Glenstal Abbey: Reflecting on John 14: 6th Sunday after Easter, Year A)

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