The Wondrous Gift (Eu-Charis) is wafer thin.

The Wondrous Gift (Eu-Charis)

The Mystery of faith is
	wafer thin,
	and vast
	with the Wonder of the One Who Is,
	-'I am who am'-
	within this crumb of bread.

To stand,  to hold 'Amen!' to mystery
	so close and far beyond.
	I cannot grasp, I cannot shape the edges
	of this truth.
	I'll stand, I'll kneel, I'll bow in adoration
	and I'll take
	what's offered me to take,-
	this  Man-God  Christ.
	'O Sacrum Convivium' is how I'll smile,
	'Panis Angelicus' is what I'll hold.

And we, this wondrous We, that now we are,
	this Jesus that we are
	by his kind gift,-
	will hold each one and all
	in raptured gaze,-
	'Behold the One(s) whom we are crucifying'
Then we will rise and eat and laugh,
	we'll wash the feet of those who
	smell the worst,
	offend our cultured taste,.-
and then will stand and serve the food
	to them,- to him
	who makes us Him in truth
	and gathers us.

(In Greek, Eu is good, or wonderful, and Charis means Gift. Even in today’s Greek, Eucharisto means Thank You!)

From collection of poems by Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.,

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Google YouTube for Panis Angelicus, sung by Andrea Bocelli.




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