33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B. November 18th, 2012.

‘Soul Food for the Hungry Adult’.

Gospel Reading for this Thirty Third Sunday is Mark 13:24-32. See Mass Readings on Home Page.

‘All will be revealed!’ When? In God’s own time. That’s at the heart of today’s reading, from the last chapter just before his Passion begins. It’s worth reading this chapter in full, to see where our reading fits in.

It’s always good to take a moment to note where a particular reading comes from, and what it is next to. Here, Jesus has left Jerusalem, on the Tuesday of his final Week. He won’t be back there until he is brought under arrest. His suffering is about to begin. And so, he sits on the hill across from the city, with Peter, James, John and Andrew. He looks at the beauty of the city, and then tells them of the sufferings to come,- not his own, but that of his future disciples.

Again, it’s good to remember when St. Mark wrote all this down, and for whom. It was about 30-35 years after the death of the Christ, and already many were suffering grievously even to death, for their faith. Peter was one such, and so was Paul about the same time. ‘The sufferings to come’ had already arrived! And in our own generation, the mocking of the Christian faith, of people who profess to follow Jesus, continues unabated, sometimes in subtle and sometimes in not-so-subtle ways.

And Jesus is telling them/us: ‘All will be revealed!’.  Jesus himself will eventually be revealed for all to see. And that revelation will be awesome, will fill people with awe and amazement, and will fill many with joy. Disciples in every generation have to hang on to who Jesus really is,- the Word of God made flesh, the Son of God and Son of Mary in one, God-with-us. Remember the Transfiguration, when a very ‘ordinary’ Jesus was revealed in all his glory for just  a few moments to three close disciples. His clothes were dazzlingly white. It was an awesome moment, and they were frightened. Then, when the looked up, there was only Jesus.

And when we come to encounter Jesus on a personal level, in our own lives, in whatever way we meet him, that too is an ‘Aha!’ Moment,- a wonder moment to be treasured for life. He reveals himself to whoever opens the door to his knock and invites him in. (See Revelations chapter 3).

All will be revealed,- in God’s time, not ours.


Fr. Seamus

email address: seamus.devittcssr@gmail.com

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