Soul Food for the Hungry Adult: New Year’s Day, January 1, 2013.

January 1st, 2013:  Feast of Mary, Mother of God. 

(Readings: Numbers 6:22-27,  Galatians 4:4-7,  Luke 2:16-21.)

A BLESSING: How about this for a blessing, to start a new year? It’s a famous Jewish blessing,- (from the First Reading for this Feast)-

‘May the Lord bless you and keep you, May the Lord let his face shine on you and be gracious to you. Mary the Lord uncover his face to you and bring you peace.’

And then from the Gospel for this feast of Mary (Luke 2:16-21): ‘As for Mary, she treasured all these thing and pondered them in her heart.‘  Early on in the history of the Church, from the 4th century, she was eventually proclaimed truly Mother of Jesus, the Redeemer and Son of God, and given the title ‘Theotokos’, meaning Mother of God. And today we celebrate her, Mother of Jesus and Mother of who are the Body of Christ.  We call her OUR LADY!


This poem-reflection was written in Co. Galway, by the road-side, on the second day of this Millenium. The celebration of the Millenium, for Christians, was about 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ. I was deeply moved with awe at this. (Originally, this was entitled ‘Millenium’)


If God had sent an Angel, not a SON,-
where would we find a crib,
or touch a cross?
Where would the blood have been,
or piece of bread?
Would we have felt his hand
upon our head?

He sent a SON.
For me he died.
He lives with me,
my Risen Lord.
No Angel He
but Son of God.

Poem by Fr. Seamus Devitt, C.Ss.R., written on the second morning of this millenium,- January 2nd, 2000

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Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!


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