Soul Food for Young Adults: Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2013.

Soul Food for Young Adults: Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2013.

Letter to Sinead and Mark,- two young adults:

Jesus is Light for all the nations! The Star shines over every human on the planet. Today is an AHA! Day for the whole planet.

Dear Sinead and Mark,

How’s the New Year for you? Hope it’s been good, and that you have had a chance to enjoy the people around you, especially your family.

Can I get over a big word, first? ‘Epiphany’ comes from a Greek word, and it means a moment of revelation, when something suddenly becomes clear, and is seen for what it is. It’s usually an AHA! Moment. I’m sure you have had some of them in your lives, when you stand with your mouth open in amazement and joy.

And in the story of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, some time after his birth, along come some wise men from way in the East. They had travelled a long while, moved by something deep within, seeking someone: ‘Where is the infant king of the Jews?’, they asked. ‘We saw his star at it rose, and have come to do him homage.’

And wise men and women are still journeying, still seeking something or Someone beyond their vision.

I had a dream a couple of years ago, in which three scientists were coming to meet with some people of faith. When asked what they were looking for, these were the words I heard, and I turned over and scribbled them down: ‘We wanted to know their God of welcome, doubt and pain’.

Wise people still look for Him, the God of welcome, doubt and pain,- and joy for world.

Joy to the World!  So, this feast of The Epiphany of Our Lord is when we celebrate in the Christian Community the occasion when the Infant Jesus was revealed to a wider world,- to people far beyond the boundaries of Palestine, and to the ends of the earth. So, whether you are in Galway, Sydney, Dubai, Canada, Maine, or wherever- He is revealed today for you. He was revealed to the Magi and to those who sought him. He is still being revealed, in this as in every generation. He is our Star !   O Come, all ye faithful,…O Come, let us adore him!

The Star of Bethlehem shines over these two children of God, also.

The Star shines over every land and nation, over every human on the planet. For a very personal account of two young people’s recent meeting with great poverty and suffering, with HIV-Aids in South Africa this past Summer,  take a few moments to read  Declan Murphy’s diary and Lindsay Cleary’s account of their experiences with SERVE,  in SERVE It will be an e-opener for you!

Best wishes and prayers for the week ahead. Follow your Star!  Then Be a Star!




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