Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: First Sunday of Lent, Feb. 17, 2013

SOUL FOOD FOR YOUNG ADULT COMMUNITIES:  First Sunday of Lent, February 17, 2013. Year of Luke.

See Homepage for Mass Readings for this Sunday: the Gospel is Luke 4:1-13


Letter to Sinead and Mark (two young adults):

Dear Sinead, Mark, and friends,

Can I start by saying ‘Have a Happy Lent!’ ?   Enjoy the Journey! It’s our time to come home, to our hearts and to our faith-communities. That’s what the 40 days journey in the desert is about,- coming home again! And that’s what Jesus’ 40 days in the desert was about,-  he was trying to find the right Way, as he started out in his young adult ministry. He was (Luke tells us) ‘filled with the Holy Spirit and led by the Spirit’ into the desert.  He was sent into the world by his heavenly Father, to bring people home again,- home to their true selves at last, home to their Father’s house.  But how?

We could have given him plenty of suggestions; why not try Power, or Wealth, or Wowing People with Wonders?  Why not go the power route, gather a great number, overthrow the Roman army for a start, and then… well, whatever.

And he looks at us, out there in the desert with him: he shakes his head.
Don’t tempt me, he begs. I’ve got to listen to my heavenly Father, and to my own heart. I hear the Holy Spirit leading me!  Leave me alone, awhile.

He didn’t go Power, Wealth or Wow. He wouldn’t do that. He came to serve, to wash feet, to feed the hungry, to give ‘water’ to the thirsty, to give back sight to those who were ‘blind’ in their hearts. He chose the gentle way,- and he stuck to it.

Eventually, three years down the road, he gave us all something to look at,- Power, and Wealth and Wow,-  all as he hung on the Cross. ‘And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all people to myself!’ (John Chapter 12).

That was his journey. That’s where the Holy Spirit led him, when he was ‘filled with the Holy Spirit’.

Lent is our ‘desert time’, when as individuals and in our faith-community we remember that we too (from Baptism and Confirmation) are ‘filled with the Holy Spirit’. These are the precious days when we can choose to be also ‘led by the Spirit’.

That’s our Journey, these next 40 days together! Enjoy. Let’s pray for each other along the road.


Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.





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