Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: Palm Sunday March 24, 2013:

Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: (‘where two or more of you gather together in my name…‘).

Sinead and Mark are two young adults.

Dear Sinead, Mark and Friends,

During the coming week, there will be a Reflection each day of Holy Week, until Easter Sunday, on our Home Page (click on same). You might like your friends to know about them, and share them.

Greetings to the TY girls from St. Michael’s, Claremorris in County Mayo,  who were with us in Esker for two days. Girl, as they say in parts of Galway, ‘you were mighty!’ A delight to be with. Thanks a mill!

This Sunday is Palm Sunday,- the beginning of this most holy week, for the followers of the Risen Crucified Jesus. Each day, this week, there will be a brief poem/reflection. I hope it helps. Here’s today’s –  The Story is…of Love!  For you all.



The pathway up the hill

is love.

The crying out to heaven

is love.

The forgiving of us all

‘who know not what we do’

is love.

Becoming Sin with/in us

is love

that we might then be


to sing, to soar,

to live again-

is love.

All He has done for us, become for us

is love-

that we might come back home again

with him into His Father’s/Love’s

own house where love began, begat

and ever lights the hearts

of all who enter in,



 Seamus Devitt, C.Ss.R., –  from







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