Soul Food for Hungry Adult Communities: Easter Sunday 2013

Soul Food for Hungry Adult Communities, Easter Sunday 2013.

Christ is Risen!’ ‘He is truly Risen!‘-  a greeting that is used among people, in many middle European countries on Easter Sunday morning. He is truly risen!

‘I am with you all days, even to the end of time!’   I AM.

‘When two or more of you are gathered in my name, there I am in the middle of you!’ I AM.

He is with us, in ourselves, in our communities, in our homes. He is with us gathered at Eucharist. He is with us on the streets and in the alley-ways. He is with us in each other, and in all the poor. And when the poor look to us,- those who are needy, struggling, burdened- Jesus is looking at us. He is Risen! He is truly Risen! He is alive, among us, in us, with us, all days, and everywhere.

‘The disciples were filled with joy when they saw the Lord!’ (John 20:20 –  TwentyTwenty Vision!

Have a Christ-filled Easter; may Jesus be ‘bursting out’ all over the place, – like a chicken breaking out of its egg-shell. That’s where our Easter Eggs come from,- that image of Christ breaking out of the tomb, and a new life beginning for us all. Enjoy your egg,- and let Christ break out in your life.

Pope Francis spoke to his priests on Holy Thursday morning, about the call of a priest today, in today’s world. It’s an inspiration for us all, priests and lay-faithful, and a wonderful vision of service that could capture many a young person’s heart. See it in Soul Food for today, or click here

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