Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: 3rd Sunday of Easter, April 14, 2013

Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: 3rd Sunday of Easter, April 14, 2013.

Letter to Sinead, Mark and Friends,- young adults;  (and a ‘community’ can be 2 people or twelve or any number!)

Dear Sinead, Mark, and Friends,

Hope Easter time is going great for you, and that you are ‘filled with joy’ like those disciples were ‘when they saw the Lord’. (John 20:20)

Today’s Gospel is from John Chapter 21, the last chapter of John’s Gospel, a kind of Second Conclusion to his Gospel.. He tells us of the Third appearance of the Risen Lord to some disciples, on the shore of Lake Galilee. Have a read of it for yourself, first.

‘IT IS THE LORD!’  – and Peter dived into the water to swim to Jesus

Today’s Question:  Why do we call Jesus  ’OUR LORD’ ? And, are you ‘captivated’ by him?

‘Lord’ is not a word we like to use much nowadays. For many people, it reminds us of Land Lords, people of power and wealth who sometimes or often abused/abuse their tenants. Then, there’s the House of Lords in the U.K.,- traditionally also because of wealth, power, influence, inheritance, and sometimes because of merit and good work done.

'it is the LORD!'

Yet, we speak of Jesus as ‘Our Lord’. And Simon Peter dived (or is it ‘dove’?)  into the water as soon as he heard his companion John say, about the man standing on the shore, ‘IT IS THE LORD!’  Simon Peter LOVED Jesus,- even after he had denied him three times,  and he literally went overboard for him.

In the Gospels, the title ‘LORD’ is scarcely ever used about Jesus until after his death and resurrection from the dead. The Greek word for it is ‘KYRIOS’, and it was a title only used about God. The Jewish people would not utter the name of God, the Most Holy One: they would use instead ‘The Lord’, or KYRIOS in Greek. And after the resurrection of Jesus, the disciples and many who became disciples of Jesus, recognized him not only as The Anointed One (‘CHRISTOS’), but also as Son of God, to whom was given this title ‘KYRIOS’ or ‘LORD’.  This ‘Lord’ was the very one who had hung helpless and willingly upon a cross, for us. This ‘Lord’ is the one said ‘Greater love than this no one has, that a man would lay down his life for his friends’.  The disciples knew that he loved them greatly, and they in turn loved him greatly, and for them he was their ‘Lord’,- their Master, the Christ, the Son of the Most High God. For them, ‘Lord’ was a title for one they loved.  Thomas (remember last Sunday’s Gospel from John 20), called out to him ‘My Lord and my God!’

St. Paul says in one of his letters ‘the Jewish leaders did not know, otherwise they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory’.

We call Jesus ‘our Lord’ because we are captivated by him! His love for us takes hold of us, and fills us with great joy.

But then, we can also ask ourselves ‘is he truly my Lord?’,-  that is, does he really rule my heart and life?  For a little reflection on this see ‘Jesus is Lord,.- well, kind of …’,- just click here.

If you have a little time to put your feet up, and sit back, I’ll tell you the story from the point of view of the net that caught all those fish ! Maybe the net saw something that we don’t see. It’s called  ’A NET, BURSTING’. And if something grabs you in the reading of it, if something moves you, let me know,- let us know, and we can share it. Thanks!  Click here to read it.

Fr. Seamus.  

A modern-day fisherman, on the Lake of Galilee, where today's Gospel event took place.



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