SOUL FOOD for Young Adult Communities: July 21 2013, Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

SOUL FOOD for Young Adult Communities, July 21, 2013: 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Sitting at someone’s feet won’t boil the kettle for them! And fussing doesn’t make for good conversation!

Isn’t it great sometimes to go out for a meal or a drink, to a place where you get time to have a good chat across the table. Maybe all you have is the mug of tea in your hand, or a can of coke or a beer, but the conversation then can be wonderful. There’s no fussing or preparation. You have time to chat with one another.

Let’s jump back in thought to Jesus’ time. The Rabbis (and there were many of them) had disciples, but these would have been men, only. The women were meant to be hidden and to do the house work! But Rabbi Jesus didn’t go for that,- women were as much disciples of his as men. And if they wanted to sit at his feet to listen and converse with him, they were Most Welcome! In today’s story of Martha and Mary in their own house, Mary is praised for doing just that,- and all other women who choose to be his disciples are praised as well, then and now. He’s not comparing Martha’s work with Mary’s listening,- he is just affirming that he welcomes everyone, women, men, young, old, as his disciples, as people who hang on his every word. And he is showing the many men that he welcomes the women and the men equally as his disciples. And a ‘disciple’ means someone with an L plate,- for Listening, Learning, and Loving. And later, around the Lord’s table, after Pentecost, men and women, young and old, sat together in a new relationship of equality as followers of the Master. Have we grasped that lesson, yet?

Do you take time to ‘sit at Jesus’ feet’? Do you ‘go into your room and close the door and pray to your Father who is in that secret place’ (Matthew 6:6)? Do you spend time with Jesus, maybe even with a few friends, listening together to his every word? And then, do you get up and serve the people around you (and through them, serve Jesus), or do you just sit on your hands all day? ‘The greatest among you is the one who serves!’

Like Martha!

As I said, ‘sitting at someone’s feet won’t boil the kettle for them! And fussing doesn’t make for good conversation!’

How’s your L plate, alone and with your mates? Are ye filled with joy to be ‘disciples’? That’s 20/20 vision!- ‘The disciples were filled with joy when they saw the Lord!’ (John 20:20).

Fr. Seamus.



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