Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: Sun. Aug. 25 2013, 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: Sun. Aug. 25 2013, Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Dear Friends.

There’s a song I’ve been listening to lately, and I just can’t seem to get it out of my head. Do you ever find that, a song so becomes you that you can’t help but be drawn into it? The song in question is called ‘All I’ve Ever Needed’ by AJ Michalka. Give it a listen if you get the chance. (Click here for the song).  I’ve even started playing it on the guitar myself. It’s a wonderful song about AJ herself, and God. She has the lights, camera, action lifestyle that most of us crave, but she realizes soon enough, that all she ever needed was God’s love, which  He gives so willingly to us in Jesus. There’s one line that resonates so powerfully, it reads “Truth be told I made this world my home, I let it steal my soul, but now I want it back”. So many of us are guilty of this, we push aside that precious time with Jesus in the pursuit of the trivialities of the world. But what is at the end of this pursuit? Emptiness. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us just that. There’s only so many times He can be pushed aside.

You may have noticed that over the last few weeks, the Gospels have been building up to something. There is a sense of anticipation in the words of Jesus. But there is a totally different energy and dynamic about today’s Gospel. Jesus is trying to get the point across that the time will come very shortly, and he will ask who you are-”I do not know where you come from”. And the simple solution to this is, time with Him. Set aside an hour a day just for him. Be with Him. You may feel that you have to compete with what the world expects of you, rather than what Jesus hopes for you. Recently I myself had an encounter with someone who made me feel insignificant compared to their “wealth”. This person may not know how they made me feel, but my friends, I have to say… I’d rather be thought of as poor in this world so as to be considered  rich in the next. Like the song, God is all I need. In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that “there are those now last who will be first, and those now first who will be last”.

I’ll leave you with this final thought. It comes from St. Charles de Foucault, a convert to the faith- “Jesus Christ filled the last place on earth so perfectly that no one can take it from Him”. So, let us take Jesus as the model, and form ourselves in his image.

God bless,






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