All Saints!

ALL SAINTS!  Happy Feast Day, all!  Friday, November 1st 2013.

Were you ever told ‘you’re worthless!’ ‘You’re useless!’ ‘You’re a nobody!’ or, were you ever told ‘You’re precious!’

‘‘I believe in the communion of saints’,we each declare, in the Creed. I believe in the holiness, the sacredness, the ‘valued beyond all words’, of every human being.

Once, as Chaplain in St. Clement’s Redemptorist School in Limerick, working with a class of 13/14year old young men, we were exploring one verse of St. Luke, -Chapter 15, verse 1:  ‘Sinners and other outcasts were flocking to Jesus to listen to him, and he even ate with them!’  The question we explored was this: how did those people on the margins feel, in the presence of this rabbi, Jesus? Why did they flock to him and how did they feel, when he chatted with them one to one, or all together?

‘They felt embarrassed’ said one lad. ‘Ashamed’ said another. ‘Guilty’ said a third. Then

'Come to me,all you who labour and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest.'

one lad quietly said ‘they felt holy!’  His answer stunned me with joy and still does. In the presence of Jesus, face to face with him, these people felt their own holiness,- not from any holy behaviours, but because deep down there was and would always remain a deep sacredness that nothing and nobody could ever take away. That’s what the Master showed them by the way he looked at them and met them just as each one was. Whatever their past, to him they were sacred beyond words.

And we? On this day, November 1st, the ‘Feast of all Saints’, can we come and meet Jesus and allow him to show us that we are indeed ‘holy’, not from anything we have done, but because we are human beings! On this ‘Feast of all Saints’, can we look again and see that every human being on the planet, now or gone before or yet to arrive, is sacred beyond all words or thought, sacred to our Maker? When we are truly in God’s presence, we experience this truth, about ourselves and about all others.

A Tweet : All Saints! To every human, the One who says ‘I AM’ says ‘WE’! Awesome!

Fr. Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R.


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