SOUL FOOD for Hungry Adult Communities: Oct.20th 2013, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, year C.

Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: Oct.20th 2013, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, year C. 

This Sunday’s Gospel is Luke 18:1-8: The unjust judge and the persistent widow. Find it in your Bible or missal, or click here for Mass Readings.

{See separate reflection (“I want a mess!‘) for this World Mission Sunday, and what Pope Francis said to the young people in Rio, in July. Click here.}

The Virtue of Stick-at-it-ness in Prayer:

“Oh, she’s doin’ my head in! Give my head peace! I’ll give her whatever she wants, just to get her off my back. I wish she would just leave me alone! Here you are, dear, it’s all yours. Now go away!”

Just imagine someone heard-hearted acting like that. You look for justice, and you can’t get it. Nothing seems to work.  But along comes someone persistent, who will not take No for an answer, and just keeps on pestering, one way or another, until the hard-hearted man or woman gives in, not for the sake of any justice, but just to get this person off his or her back.

Well, if somone who doesnt’ care a fig about God or people, eventually gives in, can you imagine our heavenly Father who loves people, who cares passionately about every single human as if he or she was the Only One,- what would persistent asking not do, in this case? ‘Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door will be opened.’

Does our heavenly Father 'reel us in' through persistent prayer?

Maybe in prayer, our asking and asking and asking has more to do with changing OUR hearts than God’s,- God draws us closer and closer to God’s own self by our continuous trusting prayer. God is reeling us in, like unwilling fish!  God knows our needs before we ask, our worries are God’s care. And maybe at the end of our persisting at prayer, God’s self will be the real answer to all our prayer!

‘Never give up, never ever give up’ was Churchill’s motto.

Develop the muscle of Stick-at-it-ness in prayer!



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