Soul Food For Young Adult Communities: Nov. 10th 2013, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Soul Food yum! For Young Adult Communities: Nov. 10th 2013, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Gospel:  LUKE 20:27-38  Click here for Sunday Readings for today, or find it in your own Bible or missal.

(Greetings this Sunday to the Leaving Certificate Students from Salerno School in Galway City, here in Esker for their Retreat! Thanks to you all! You were a delight. Every blessing on the year ahead.  Fr. S.)

Our reflection this week is written by Sarah Kelly.

Dear Friends,

Recently I watched a series on youtube called ‘What Would You Do?’. They are a sort of’ documentary. Now, if you’re like me at all, one episode isn’t enough. I became hooked.

The show is filmed by hidden cameras which are set up in various and different locations. In each scenario the camera, and directors, attempt to see how people will react to varying circumstances. In each setting, you see a different situation, and we see how people respond. In some, their actions are quite often heroic, but in others, you feel let down. But this is the idea. To monitor everyday normal people, and how they interact with very real and normal everyday encounters.

If we lived our lives as if no one was watching, I wonder how genuine we would be? Would our actions be motivated from a desire to help, purely because it is the right thing to do, or would we ignore the one in need because no one can see us. The lives we live in secret  are more visible than we might think. If we live our lives only pleasing people and God on a superficial level, but it doesn’t provoke a deeper response within us, then who are we really? God can see everything that we do, and the motivations behind them. St. Francis de Sales once noted that “we are sometimes so busy being good angels that we neglect to be good men and women”. What do you think of that? Does that make sense to you, and the way you are presently living? That far from doing something because you desire to help, you do it merely to look as if you are helping? One person who was filmed stated that ‘if I knew you were filming I would have helped’, and again ‘I should have said something’. But don’t feel bad, friends. Sometimes we try, and sometimes we can’t do anything. But next time, be more courageous and allow God to work through you.

We must constantly be alive to the present moment, and as Jesus teaches us in today’s Gospel “he is God of the living and not of the dead, and for him all are alive”. Each moment is a potential ‘Resurrection moment’, each moment has the capacity to create a new life, a new hope. That is the Paschal mystery  in which we hold firm our belief in Him who was raised from the dead, for our sake. Death has been conquered, so why do we rush around like we have no where to go? We are going somewhere… heaven. Today and every day, we must try and be a people of the now, living like Jesus, in the moment and ever ready to stand up for what is right regardless of what others may think.

So, my friends, take some time today to reflect on the words ‘what would I do’ in light of this Gospel. You are not living only for this world, but also “of the world to come”.

God bless,


P.S. ‘Paschal Mystery’ is our Christian shorthand for happened for us from Good Friday to Easter Sunday,- Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, pouring out his life for the world/us, and through that total giving of himself for us,  becoming absolutely Alive -and we with him- in rising from Death. It’s awesome, -if we ponder it! We are Resurrection People, Easter People,- alive to our toe-nails! Read all about it, in the wonderful early Christian hymn that St. Paul quotes in Philippians 2: 5-11.   (Ed.)

 Click here to link to ‘Soul Food for Hungry Adult Communities’ for this weekend.






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