Typhoon in Philippines:

Our hearts go out to the people of the Philippines with the appalling devastation has taken place, and the great loss of life. With many villages and coastal communities still cut off, the death toll will most probably in the many tens of thousands. Survivors are said to walking around like zombies, in some places. Lack of food, of clean water, of shelter, of clothing, and the risk of diseases all adds to the suffering of the people. Trauma and shock will take further toll on many.

Here in Esker, two of our community worked for many years in the Philippines. One, Fr. Flan Daffy, from Ennis, spent most of his priestly life in Tacloban (pronounced Tac LOH-ban) which has been the worst hit area from the Typhoon. One Irish Redemptorist, Fr. Martin Tobin from Wexford, still works there, alongside other Filipino Redemptorists.

What is the call to ourselves, as fellow humans? What can we do, beyond words?

This was downloaded at noon, Irish time, on this Sunday Nov. 10th. It is from Canadian television: click here.

Find out more by googling Philippines and Typhoon Haiyan.

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