Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: Dec.8th 2013, Second Sunday of Advent, Year A

Soul Food for Young Adult Communities: Dec.8th 2013, Second Sunday of  Advent, Year A.

(Click here for Mass Readings for this Sunday.  Isaiah 11:1-10, Psalm 71, Romans 15:4-9, Matthew 3:1-12, or find them in your Bible.)

Dear Friends,

We are now entering the second week of Advent. How are you feeling? Did you know that today (Dec.8th) is known in Dublin as “cultchie’s day out?”. I’m not a fan of this expression, hailing from a

Dublin Shoppers

small town in the West of Ireland. However, over the last few months, Dublin has become my home. Yet, it will never be the home in my heart, that will always rest in the west.

In today’s Gospel, we read about a wilderness or in some translations a desert. As I reflected on today’s Gospel, this word kept coming into my mind. And I asked myself, where is my wilderness? When you think of a wilderness, sometimes the image that comes to mind is a land of desolation, dry and arid, alone and empty, spacious and dark. For me, I discovered my wilderness is Dublin. You’d think with all the people,

In the West of Ireland...

the noise and the excitement that it would be quite the opposite. It is for the very reasons that I have mentioned that it is for me a wilderness. Yet, my home in the west, may seem to others a wilderness, surrounded by nature, wildlife, vast open scenes of rolling hills, and no one for miles. To me, this is everything. I remember times when I would go to discos with friends, and in a place full of people, it felt so empty, another wilderness. Yet I noticed that in a Church, in silence and solitude, and on my own with Jesus, I feel so full and surrounded by love.

Now, what about the wilderness within? It is so easy to close our doors at night, pull the covers up over our heads, and block the wilderness outside. But what about that inner chaos? That which steals our peace, and blocks that space we should be making for Jesus this advent: “prepare a way for the Lord” in today’s Gospel invites us to make this space. It doesn’t just mean in the world around you, but the world within you. We need to begin that inner transformation, preparing a place suitable for Jesus. Remember, when He came, He found His rest on a bed of straw, so don’t for one minute think that your heart isn’t good enough for Him, when your heart was made for Him.

So dear friends,

On this second week of Advent, prepare.

'...In the stillness the most amazing answers come to you - for questions you didn't know you were asking..'

God bless,


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P.S. 2: Click here for Soul Food for Hungry Adult Communities, for this Second Sunday of Advent 2013,-  ’Conscience Money- and Fire in the Belly’

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