‘Wishy Washy Won’t Work’, says Rabbi.

Sunday, February 16th:    ‘Wishy Washy Won’t Work’, says Rabbi   (from today’s JERUSALEM EVENING POST)

This morning, on a hill-side in Galilee, in a speech that could not be deemed ‘politically correct’, the Rabbi Jesus threw down a challenge to the lawyers, when he spoke to his followers about keeping the Law.

Like a mantra, he repeatedly told them: ‘You have heard what it says (in the Law)…but I say to you…..’. And he taught them that , good and all as the Law indeed is, his followers must get their hearts right, not just their actions. In effect he was saying to them:  ‘My disciples don’t do skin deep!’ or   ‘Wishy washy won’t work!‘Get the engine of the heart finely tuned, then your communities will be going full speed ahead!’ he told them, in effect.

For full text, read all about it from our writer, Matthew, reporting from Galilee. MATTHEW 5:17-37.

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