Photos of Esker Novena 2014:



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“All with one accord, devoted themselves to prayer, together with Mary, the Mother of Jesus”- (Acts of the Apostles 1:14)



This was our message in the Esker Novena, which went from June 3rd to June 11th: – and it’s the same in the other large Novenas, also:  ”The Novena, or nine days of prayer ‘together with Mary, the Mother of Jesus‘ (Acts 1:14), is for everyone, no matter who you are or where you are in your life or your search. Come as you are, not as you feel you ought to be! You can join in the Novena any time, even for a  few days of it.  Any time is the  time to come and enter into the experience. God’s blessings don’t need much time! Miracles of grace can happen in just one moment.”

Thanks a million to all who came to Esker to pray during the Novena. It has been a joy and a real blessing, an up-lifting of hearts of all involved. Here’s to next year’s Novena, please God,- due to begin on Tuesday June 2nd, the day after the June bank-holiday.

May Our Lady’s prayers be with us all, in all ways, through the year. We prayed here each day to her to help us through the trials and disappointments of life. Help us not to lose heart. May we share with you and your Son the joy of having courageously faced up to all the challenges of life. AMEN.


Redemptorists gathered to sing their antiphon, at end of each session on Day 9: our Thank You to all who have come to make the Novena! Mile buiochais.

'The Ballinasloe Three',- regulars to the Novena: Breda Darrane, Jo Scannell, Maura Loughnane.- sneaking away from Ballinasloe! Fr. Garvey,please note!!!

Day 9,- and their first day of the Novena- all the way from Kerala!- via Ardrahan: Densil Joseph, Smith Mathew & Dionn Densil (age 3), Robin & Rosemi. Their language is MALAYALAM, and young Dionn can say the entire 12 minutes of the novena prayer in his own language,- with a few hymns in between!


The REDS have it! Rachel Kelly, Emma McKeogh, Padraig Kelly, after an evening session on Day 9.


Ciara Tuohy, Leah O'Brien, Catherine Tuohy- 2 sisters and a friend. Day 9, after 4pm session.

Day 9: 10am: Molly Brady, with her Granddaughter Elaine Mulry, and her Great Grandchildren Emma 1, Anna 3.

Day 9: 10am: Writing Petitions and Thanksgivings, at the Shrine of the Mother of Perpetual Help.

Day 9: 10am Session: Cian Loughrey (2), did the whole nine days!- with his Mom, Martina.






























Day 8: 8pm Session: 'No room at the Inn'- full to capacity.

Day 8: 8pm Session: all the way down the corridor in the Monastery.



Day 8: 8pm Session: in old Community Common Room.

Day 8: Liliana (age 3), with her Mom, Sandra King.


Chloe Finerty (3+) with her Grannie, Nancy Flynn, after 10am Mass.

Day 8,after 10am Novena: Teresa Boyle (Esker), Margaret Conneely (Beal Easa in Mayo and Kilcolgan), Coleman Newell (Rosmuc & Kilcolgan). Coleman's prayer at the Novena is that he will find his 'lost' son, David Newell, somewhere in the USA!

DAY 8: Three generations of one family,who have done the Novena each day: Clare Smyth, Chrissie Cunningham, Carmel Smyth.



Erin Spellman (2+), with Phyllis McInerney, Grandmother:Monday 9th, 10am.















'Not so sure!' - Ronan McDonagh (18 months) with Debbie, his Mom. Monday 10am- waiting for the rain to stop!

'Gimme a break!'- Darragh Faherty (10 months), after the 10am Novena: while the rain poured outside.


















Sean Monaghan (5) blesses his little brother Joseph (age 7 weeks), as Mom Helena watches on.


Fr. Tony Rice, Redemptorist, blesses Cathal (6), Anna (4), Lorna (2) Redmond, and their cousin Ruth Flaherty (3)


Donncha Redmond (6 months) doesn't get left out, as Dad Sean looks on.















Fr. Tony Rice blesses baby Brendan Gardiner, as Mom and Dad, Josephine & Gabriel, look on.


Sunday, Day 6: Alannah & Micheal Lyons playing at 10am Mass.


Never to early to do the Esker Novena!- Baby Aoife O'Connor (8 weeks) with John, Deirdre, and her sister Niamh.

Sunday Day 6: From the Esker Music School,- Edel Coughlan (with harp), Shauna Barrett (7), Saoirse Dempsey (8), and Ewen Callan (7),- at 12 noon Mass.



Day 5: 10am Session: Catherina Kelly, Padraig 12, Reitseal 9, Caoimhe 7, Saoirse 4.

Day 5, June 7, 2014: Brendan & Maureen O'Donnell, Keith (12), Tim (8) Leonard.

Grace's First Novena: Deirdre Finnegan, and Grace (9months) on Day 5, June 7th, 2014.

Day 5, June 7, 2014: after 4pm Session: Honnie Brannelly, Cormac (5), Eadaoin (8), Anita Corcoran.

Photo from Day 4 of Novena, Friday June 6th, 2014 (‘D’ Day for Normandy Landings 1944).

D Day! I'm Darragh Dunleavy. I'm aged 6 months. This is my very first Novena in Esker. Thanks, Mom, for bringing me here- I'm loving' it!
















Photos from Day 3 of Novena, Thursday June 5th 2014:

Kate's Lally's first Esker Novena at 9 weeks old! With sister May, and Mom Joan. 10am Day 3.




Day 3 of Esker Novena: after 4pm Session:

Mom, Sinead Hardiman, with two fine men, Shane, Evan. After 4pm Session, Day 3.

Some photos: and this is at the 4pm Session of the Novena, on Day 1, Tuesday 3rd June:

4pm Session of Novena to Mother of Perpetual Help: Day 1, June 3rd 2014:











4pm Session, Day 1: from porch of Esker Church.









4pm Session: part of the overflow, in the Monastery Community Room: Day 1.

SOLEMN NOVENA IN HONOUR OF OUR MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP  in Esker, Athenry & Ballinasloe , this Tuesday June 3rd to Wednesday June 11th 2014 

Times Daily:  Esker:   8am, 10am, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm

Athenry:    10am   

Ballinasloe:  7.30am, 10am & 8pm.

On  Saturday  7th June,  Special Mass & Anointing of Sick 12 noon in Esker.

Sunday June 8th in Esker Mass & Blessing of babies & small children at all sessions,- 8am, 10am, 12noon, 4.30pm, 6pm, 8pm. 

The great annual Festival of Faith, the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help, in Esker, Athenry and Ballinasloe, is beginning on Tuesday June 3rd and will run until Wednesday June 11th. For more than thirty years the Solemn Novena has been an outstanding witness to the faith of the people of this area, and to the fact that, despite the trials and tribulations of our Church, faith is still living and vibrant among us.

The theme this year is “ Good news for the Church out on the streets”.

Kindly spread the word to your friends and your community, your parish.

Contact Number: Secretary, Esker, 091 844007

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  1. Dear mother of perpetual help I ask you to bless me and my family and give us strength and patients as I am on a journey of recover at this time

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