1 + 1 > 2 Project… an exciting initiative and call.

1+1>2 Project

Bishop John Keenan (Diocese of Paisley, Scotland) recently launched a discernment initiative for young Catholics.
1+1>2 project will encourage young people to engage with their faith and fully realise God’s calling to their vocation in life. The 1+1>2 discernment initiative will encourage Scotland’s youth to spend one hour a week at Mass and one hour practicing some form of community prayer, ministry or service commitment.

Fr Frank Hannigan, Vocations Director for the Diocese of Paisley, said the aim of the initiative is to help young people consider what God is calling them to do with their lives, talents and future, and said the event is designed for young people of all ages—from secondary school pupils to university students.

“Even if you are in second or third year at school you can do things in the life of your parish,” he said. “We believe if young people attend Mass each week and they commit to some form of community prayer or ministry they will provide something greater for themselves and the Church and they will gain something spiritually. If I got 30 young people that I never seen before I would be delighted and if I got a hundred I would be amazed!”   


Comment:  What a difference this project could make if taken on by young people of all ages,- they would transform their parish in a year, with their prayer and their service!

S. Devitt C.Ss.R.












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