Feast of the Holy Cross,Sept. 14th.

The Cross was not some Hiccup

His passion and his dying
were not some hiccup
on the way to glory:
His hour of
upon the Cross.

One wheat-grain dies
and from that falling down,
-that earthing of divine,-
the fields are white with harvest
of new birth.

When He is lifted up,
the Prince of Glory on a wooden cross
draws all to him
who want to see the Man,
the Son, the Sent;

Rivers of people come
and Rivers
“They will look upon the One whom they have pierced”.

(Reflection on John 12:21,23,32and Revelations 22,vv 1,2)

Click here for more reflections on the Cross of Christ, written by Fr. Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R., in a collection www.emptifulvessels.com.

Outrageous Grace

What Crazy God would do
such crazy thing
as, knowing what would come, still
sent a Son
to those who in their time
and times
would cast him out,
make fun of him,
spit in his face,
neglect him and
at last, and always,
hang him from a beam
until the very last of him
was gone -
to God ?

How crazy has God been?
Just so he did,
still does,
and still he lives who died
with such great love.
Who now is ‘crazy’ in this Great Affair?

At Swanwick with Maranatha Community:
(On hearing ‘Outrageous Grace’ on CD by Godfrey Birtill, and remembering a saying by Alphonsus Liguori about our ‘crazy God’- our God who is ‘crazy’ with love for us, or ‘crazy’ about us!- ‘pazzo per amore’)


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