JUNE 19-24: ‘TIRED BY THE JOURNEY  -  SITTING BY THE WELL’    Facilitator: Séamus Devitt C.Ss.R.

Dates: Sunday June 19th, arriving c. 6pm.  Departure Friday 24th, after lunch.

Theme‘Tired by the Journey  -  sitting by the Well’

What will the retreat consist of?  There will be two talks daily, also a Eucharist, and the opportunity to talk with a priest on a few occasions through the days.

Is participation in all parts of the programme required? No. Retreatants can choose which parts they wish to attend or avail of.

Where will the retreat take place? In Esker Monastery and Retreat Centre, near Athenry, in County Galway. The spacious and beautiful grounds give participants the chance to walk and rest with nature. This has been a centre of prayer for three hundred years, since the Dominicans moved to this site, from their hiding place int the woods, in 1716.

Why is it worth attending? All of us, at different times and to different degrees, feel ‘tired by the journey’ and need to go apart for a while and be still, and be in the presence of the Lord and of our own true selves. ‘Sitting by the Well’ is choosing to sit with Christ, to meet him face to face in our hearts, and to be given ‘water to drink’. ‘If you only knew what God is offering you and who it is that is saying to  you ‘give me a drink’, you would have been the one to ask and he would have given you living water.’ You will have a chance to be still, to gather yourself, and to be in touch with the depths within and beyond yourself. You will go home re-newed, made new again, we hope.

There is the added inspiration of being with others in this silent time, as they too make their own personal journeys, and walk with the Lord.

How will the retreat be conducted? There will a time-table for the day. Apart from two talks of less that 30 minutes each, there will a Eucharist each day at some time agreed. Otherwise, the time is yours to spend in quiet, in prayer, in reading or walking in the woods, – or resting and unwinding. We hope that it will be for you a stress-free zone.

Facilitator: Séamus Devitt is a Redemptorist, a member of the Esker Community. He has worked in Retreat Houses, here and in Belfast, in parishes in US and in Dublin (Jobstown), as Parish Missioner for some years, also in Youth Ministry over many years, and as School  Chaplain for eight years in St. Clement’s College, Limerick. You may find some of his writings by logging on to

Cost: €375.

Enquiries to Secretary, Esker 091 844007 or 

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