Pentecost – ‘Go out to all the world!’

They were gathered in prayer, together with Mary the Mother of Jesus, and other women.'

'Go out to all the world!'

Wishing all of you a truly blessed Pentecost, filled with the promised Spirit, sending us out with fire in our hearts for all peoples, all humans everywhere. ‘Go out to ALL the world!

‘GO’ –  to get up and move

‘OUT’ –  from where my comfort zone is

to ALL THE WORLD –  to each person I meet, with arms as wide as the world, as personal as the people around me, in my home, and my community.

‘I will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire!’  Nothing ‘cool’ about that! We’re meant to catch the fire, and to have hearts on fire like Jesus himself, for His heavenly Father and for all the world.

Have a dynamic, powerful Pentecost!

‘Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of the faithful. Kindle in them the fire of your love! Send forth your Spirit and we shall be re-created, and you shall renew the face of the earth!’

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