Statement from Bishop John Kirby, Clonfert, for weekend of Pentecost 2018.

Bishop Kirby has requested that this stevens be included in our newsletters this weekend:

‘The referendum on Friday next is of major important as to how we see the value of life. Catholics believe that a new person begins to exist from the moment of conception. A new baby begins to grow and develop in his/her mother’s womb. Our law at the moment allows us to love mothers and their unborn children. We have had important reassurances in recent days from senior medical people that the law dows not need to change to protect women’s lives and health fully. There is a strong likelihood that the passing of the referendum will lead to abortion on demand. Please make plans to vote on Friday next to ensure the protection of life in the womb. As Bishop Kirby said in his recent pastoral letter on this matter: We should not forget that God is the creator of life. ‘For you created my inmost being. You knit me together in my mother’s womb’. (Ps. 139:13)

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