Grand Prairie Boys’ Choir – sang in Esker on Sunday July 1st, 7-8pm

The Canadian Ambassador, Kevin M. Vickers, with (some of) the Grand Prairie Boy's Choir, visiting Esker and perforrming here

The Grand Prairie Boy’s Choir visited Esker and stayed with us for a few days. On Sunday evening, they sang in the Esker Church, and sang wonderfully. The choir normally consists of about 124 boys, from very young age up to twenty years, and half of the choir are visiting Ireland for about 8 or 9 days, singing in Limerick in the next day or two.

The Canadian Ambassador, Kevin Vickers, came to be with them for their concert, which happened to be on Canada Day, July 1st. We thank them for choosing to be with us in Esker, as they have a Redemptorist connection with the Redemptorist community in Grand Prairie, Alberta (in the far West of Canada). We wish them well on their visit to Ireland, and they are well worth hearing. They are reputedly the largest boys’ choir in Canada, from a city of about 65,000.


The senior section of the Boys Choir, singing in Esker Church

Original Notice:

The Grand Prairie Boys’ Choir is visiting Esker, and singing in Esker Church tonight, Sunday July 1st, from 7pm to 8pm. It’s a free concert and all are welcome! Please come and give these young people your encouragement and support! This choir is reported to be the largest Men and Boys Choir in Canada, and today is Canada Day! They hail from Northern Alberta, in the West of Canada. Please tell your friends, and come along and have a glorious hour of music. Thanks

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