Blessing of St. Dominic’s Well, January 5th, January 6th

The Annual Blessing of St. Dominic’s Well at Esker took place on Sunday January 5th, and on Monday January 6th (Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord). The Procession to the Well took place following the 11am Mass in the Esker Church.

The tradition of blessing the Well on these days goes back into the mists of history, and dates from the Dominican times here in this place. People come from near and far to take home the blessed water, for sprinkling over and praying over their land, their farm animals, their crops.  There are many stories of blessings received, of animals recovering when all hope seems lost.

While most people come on one or other of these two days in January, others come on

Esker Redemptorist Church and Monastery

days throughout the year.

May the prayers of St. Dominic, and of the many Dominican martyrs from the Athenry Community over the centuries, be with us all, to protect and bless us.


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