Themes Offered

THEMES offered for exploration by the young people, during ‘The Esker Experience’ :

We seek to touch on many of the following:

1st Year Themes- Friendship, Acceptance, Transition from Primary to secondary school, New Beginnings, Continuing faith after Confirmation, Getting to know each other, Meditation.

2nd Year –Peer-identity, self-discovery, self-image,  exploring God in their lives, Bullying, Inclusion, Respect & Reverence, Values, Meditation.

3rd year- Pressure of Junior Cert, Dreams/Fears, Having a personal relationship with God, happiness, heroes, meditation.

TY/ 4th Year; – Communications, Choices, Transition to Senior Cycle, Relationships, and peer pressure, self-esteem, Prayer, Meditation, vocation, family, leadership.

5th Year- The Hero’s Journey, Independence, Right Choices/Decisions, Who is God, Healing, Forgiveness, Self discovery, Respect/Reverence.

6th Year- Stereotypes (Male/Female) , Justice, Change and Choice, Dealing with Stress, Moving On, Independence to Interdependence, Community, Service, Vocation, the Mystery/Wonder of God in all of life.


The themes are explored through pottery, art, discussion groups, activity groups and guided self-discovery, focussed discussion, brain-storming, power-points, games, ice-breakers, drama, singing.

Written meditation on the story of their lives,- The Real Me, or Dear God.

All retreats end with Mass and overnight groups are offered Reconciliation.

Retreat team is flexible and deals with young people’s issues as they arise.

Requests taken if a school wants a particular issue covered.