Easter Sunday Reflection: ‘Funny Bones’

Funny Bones:

Them bones, Them bones-

are some good bones

for living to the full;


Head bone for thinking well

on all that is

and how and why

it is.


Back bone for Will,

decisions made

and followed through


if they but be right:-

the bone of courage



Knee bone for daily going to prayer,

time spent


-not ever so, in truth-

with God:

time offered, with,

by him, to him.


And then

that other bone,

the Funny Bone,

that comes from Resurrection-

“We have won !”:-

we laugh a lot,

most at ourselves,-

for He is Lord of all,-

and He has Won!    Well done!


Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R. (from www.emptifulvessels.com)


(following a conversation with Fr. John Phelps, C.Ss.R. from Chicago, re Fr. Joe Dustin C.Ss.R.   “the Banjo Priest”)


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