Our New Icon in Esker,- St. Alphonsus de Liguori.

Our New Icon in Esker,- St. Alphonsus de Liguori, founder of the Redemptorist Missionaries.

This icon, designed jointly by Esker and the Redemptoristine Sisters in Drumcondra, Dublin, portrays Alphonsus de Liguori as a young man, proclaiming the Gospel. It includes also images of his music (actual notation from a mss in British Museum);  image of Santa Maria dei Monti, a statue in Scala near Amalfi, which dates from the 13th century: Alphonsus often prayed before this statue, seeking guidance; image of the town of Amalfi in Southern Italy; image of his apostolate of writing.  (Note: Santa Maria dei Monti’ or St. Mary of the Mountains, is the name of the new mission of the Irish Redemptorists, from both Dublin and Fortaleza in Brazil, in Mozambique & Malawi. The place of this new mission is in a very mountainous area in northern Mozambique, near the border with Malawi.)

Below are three photos, showing details of the icon in our community chapel in Esker. Thanks to the Redemptoristine sisters for writing a wonderful icon.































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