Exam Prayers

Prayer-basket in Esker, for those doing exams.

You will be carried in our prayers here in

The Prayer-basket, before the Shrine of the Mother of Perpetual Help, in Esker.

Esker, both in our Redemptorist Community,and

Holding on to her Thumb!

during the coming nine days of prayer, the annual ‘Novena’ to the Mother of Perpetual Help.

Paws for Prayer!

You’ve done the work. Not much more you can do, now. Just breathe deeply, pause, stay calm, and then do your best. It’s an important exam, yes, – but at the end of the day, it is only an exam, and life does not depend on it.

LORD, thanks for the gifts you have given me. Thanks for where I’m at, right now. Yes, I’m scared, but then exams are always a bit scary. Help me to stay calm, to take a few deep breaths, to read the paper very carefully,- and then to quietly begin. If I panic, help me to pause again, to take a few more deep breaths, and to calm my mind. I know you are with me, even in all of this. Thank you if I manage to do well. Thank you also, even if I don’t do so well. All I ask is that I do my best, for now. Thank you for Life,- and Life is far bigger than exams. Thanks, Lord, -you’re cool! Help me to stay cool, too! AMEN. 


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