Esker goes to the Movies, about Icon of Mother of Perpetual Help.

To celebrate the 150th Jubilee of the giving of the Icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help (Perpetual Succour) to the Redemptorists in 1866, the following 9 minute movie was made by Fr. Séamus Devitt, Redemptorist, here in Esker. Click below, or find it on Youtube by typing ‘Make Her Known – Perpetual Help’

There are three versions of it: one with voice-over and music, one with voice only, and one with music only. If you like them, perhaps you could share the Youtube link with friends on Twitter or Facebook, or by whatever means you choose. Thanks for your part in helping to ‘Make Her Known’ !

MAKE HER KNOWN  - Music and Voiceover – Perpetual Help. Find on Youtube at:

MAKE HER KNOWN  – voice only – Perpetual Help. Youtube.  Find on Youtube at:

MAKE HER KNOWN – Music only – Perpetual Help. Find on Youtube at:


This video explores some of the meanings of the Icon of the Mother of Perpetual Help, the Purpose of Icons, and the architecture that lies beneath and within this particular icon, ie. the way it is so carefully laid out and constructed. And the Icon is about us, who are called to be, like Mary, icons of compassion and of mercy.



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