Fr. Brendan O’Rourke says his farewell.

Fr. Brendan O’Rourke, the Rector in Esker for the past eight years, says farewell to us, this weekend of March 31st. He will be Celebrant and preacher at the Masses on this Sunday. We in the Esker Redemptorist Community want to say a huge Thank You to him for his service over these eight years, his dedication to Esker and all it means to so many people near and far, and his kindness and courteous ways. He has exercised great leadership among us, always encouraging each one to give of his best in whatever way we can. So many people who have been blessed by his counselling skills are grateful for his presence to them. God bless you, Brendan, as you head for a time of well-deserved break. The Lord direct you in all that lies ahead. Míle Buíochais! Our prayers go with you.

P.S. We do not know as yet who they new person will be who will come as Rector to Esker. We hope to have white smoke before too long.


Fr. Brendan’s Words of Farewell:

Sunday March 31st brings to a close my time as Rector of Esker. Eight years have passed quickly! From time to time the years have brought challenges, as is the way of all life. I have no reservation in saying that the eight years have been, for me, very happy years.

I would like to thank all of you who come to Esker, and are part of Esker, for your welcome, friendship and encouragement. Many volunteers have shown great support for Esker. Long may such generosity continue! I thank all who are part and parcel of Esker for making it a place where we find welcome, and food for our souls!

The humanity and family spirit of the priests and brothers in Esker have enriched my life over these years. We have all pulled together and functioned well as a team and a community!

I am deeply indebted to and appreciate also, all who work or volunteer in Esker Monastery,the Retreat House, the Youth Village, and the grounds of Esker. I thank also the nursing and care staff who bring professionalism but also joy and laughter into the lives of our elderly and sick community members.

Back in 2011 Gearoid Mulrooney began as manager in Esker.  I have relied heavily on Gearoid and thank him for his hard work, his dedication and loyalty to Esker and to all our ministries.

There is so much to be grateful for. There is so much I will miss as I leave Esker. But also, so many happy memories and blessings to carry away. Please hold me in your prayer as I will each and every one of you!

I wish the new Rector of Esker every blessing and happiness! And, please God, I look forward to visiting Esker from time to time in the years to come!

Your brother in Christ,

Brendan O’Rourke, C.Ss.R.

———-  Brendan is from Wexford town and fell in love with the sea and beautiful Wexford beaches in his boyhood years. Joined the Redemptorists in 1967, and completed his philosophy studies in Galway, his theology in Dublin. He spent 6 years in the Philippine Islands in the early days of his ministry. Worked and studied in New York for ten years where he qualified as a Psychotherapist. Brendan returned to Ireland in 1992 and has been involved in retreats to priests and religious, counselling, spiritual direction, teaching and parish missions and novenas. He spent three years as Rector of Clonard Monastery in Belfast and then 5 years as Director of the Marianella Pastoral Centre in Dublin. After that he moved to the Redemptorists in Cork City in 2008 where the community focus was primarily youth ministry. In January 2011 Brendan was elected as Vicar to the Irish Provincial of the Redemptorists,  and in the following April he was appointed as Rector of the Redemptorist Community, Esker. In January 2015 Brendan was re-appointed as Rector of Esker for a further four years.

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