Esker ‘Gospel Reflection’ – ‘Lectio Divina’ – Thursdays 8pm, on Zoom



'St Mary of the Mountains' - an image very sacred to St. Alphonsus, and to every Redemptorist: she holds the Child in one arm, and the Book of the Scriptures in the other, and she is 'pondering these things in her heart'.

Esker Gospel Reflection: a group of people gathers each Thursday to reflect on the Gospel for the following Sunday.  The meeting takes place through Zoom (video-conference) on Thursday evenings, at 20:00 (GMT+1) and lasts a little more than an hour.  If you would like to participate, please contact us at, or phone (353) (0)91 844007.

Known also as ‘Lectio Divina’, this reflection together on the Word of God for the following Sunday, helps us to go deeper into the Word, and to hear how it speaks to any one of us. Tell your friends.

We ponder, we weigh, the Word made flesh who dwells among us to the end of time.


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