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  1. Dear Jesus and Mother of Pepetual Help please keep our family healthy and happy always Amen. Please forgive us our sins. Thank you Dear Jesus and Mother of Pepetual Help for all our wonderful blessings Amen.

  2. Special Intention, Please give mam and dad a favourable decision. God hear our prayer Amen.

  3. Please help me with my mental health to have the strength to deal with all the problems in my life now please send urgent help to me

  4. Dear Lord I am struggling greatly in my life financially and to have a home of my own please help me with all the problems I have in front of me at this time please send urgent help to me

  5. Dear Jesus and Mother of Pepetual Help please continue to bless us with healthy and happiness always. Dear Jesus and Mother of Pepetual Help I am so grateful for our wonderful family and please continue to guide us to be good parents to our 3 wonderful children that we have blessed with in our family. I pray and think of those less fortunate and please forgive me for any of my sins Amen.

  6. please pray for Priya the grace to conceive soon and safe delivery and gift of healthy baby amen & amen

  7. For my Downes Syndrome brother Austin who is not well at the moment, that he will receive the medical care and attention he needs for his recovery ????. That my son will also return to full health and be sound in mind and body. That he will regain his confidence and gain good employment and all assistance

  8. Thanksgiving : Dear Lady of Perpetual Succor : I thank you ???? most sincerely for the conversations and reconciliation I have had with my dear son over the last few months .He was struggling during lockdown and went in on himself .I never lost hope or faith in him and thank-you for that . Amen

  9. For my son David to keep him safe and well on his journey that he will arrive and return home safely. Guard him and protect him from all evil influences. Please keep my son in your care. Also please bring health and happiness and hope to my family. Give us a better understanding of each other and grant us health of mind and body. Guard us all and protect us at this time. Lift darkness from our minds give us comfort and peace and reconciliation in my family.

  10. Dear Lord , Shine your light on Jacinta , heal her pain , give her the strength she needs to forgive and move on , to entrust all to your loving care . Amen

  11. Dear Lord , Strengthen me and free me from anxiety so that I can live life to the full , be a calmer mother and wife , friend and teacher . Heal me , free me from worry and teach me to entrust all to you knowing that all will be ok , that you hold me in your loving embrace . Amen

  12. Myself, Renju Mathew and my husband, Vinil Joseph, we have been married for more than five years and waiting for a baby in our family. I request all your prayers for me to become a mother. I trying to get pregnant and I have strong faith that St. Gerald and my mother Mary will soon bless as with a healthy child. I will definitely share my good news the moment I get pregnant. Thank you all for your prayers for us.

  13. I pray for protection, guidance and support for my family and friends. Surround them with love, care and good health. Help me never to lose faith in you. I pray too for the end of this pandemic and world peace Amen. ????

  14. Thank you to everyone that is praying I hope all good things come your way.

  15. For all the people suffering with anxiety and mental health issues. For all people dealing with the loss of a loved one.

  16. Please pray for the hope of a pregnancy that is safe and healthy in the near future

  17. Please God, our Lady and all the saints in heaven, we ask you all to grant onto us a successful and safe pregnancy for my wife after she suffered a miscarriage last year.

  18. Please pray for me , I feel so broken and alone and overcome with sadness
    Thank you so much

  19. For God’s will and protection of our marriage. For Our Lady’s intercession and gift of wisdom and courage from the Holy Spirit to know and follow God’s will for our marriage.

  20. Thank you Mother Mary for favours received…
    Mary our Lady of the Miraculous Medal,
    you once experienced hardships and difficulties
    in getting the necessities of life.
    Look kindly on me now
    as I face the same difficulties.
    Help me to find suitable employment.
    Through my work I want to meet my physical needs
    and to grow spiritually.
    Help me find a job that lets me provide for myself
    and for those who depend on me.
    I trust you, Immaculate Mother,
    to hear my prayers and intercede for me.
    I will share your goodness with others
    that they may know your power with God
    and give him honor and glory.

  21. Dear Mother of perpetual succour please help my daughter to get control of her eating disorder.
    Please also help my daughter to do well in her final exams at college.
    Please also let the treatment my daughters Mom is having continue to work.
    Please help me to be there for my daughter at all times and keep me in good health.
    Pray for us all.

    Thank you.

  22. Please pray for my mother who has has such a good heart and has given so much of herself during her life and is now very ill with cancer. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help please intercede and bring your loving light and healing to her.

  23. Please mother of perpetual help intercede for me and send peace of mind to my son who suffers from mental health issues.

  24. Dearest Mother Mary, please help me. Please save my job. I need you. Please help my parent’s house construction be completed and be approved. Please may my grandmother’s soul rest in peace. Amen

  25. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help. Please bless a loving family who have recently been bereaved of a very special mother, wife, sister in law, aunt and friend. May she rest in peace, Amen.

  26. Please pray my son will make a complete recovery from eys surgery.Also that I will sell the house now

  27. Dear Mother of Perpetual help,
    St Gerard Please help baby Isaac come through his life changing operation next Tuesday. Bless the surgeons and nurses who’s care he will be in and give his mam and dad the strength they need at this time. God be with them all.

  28. Please dear Jesus, help my Son overcome his drug addiction and give me the strength to carry on and instinctively know the best way of dealing with the problems and sorrows that arise on a daily basis because of drug addiction.

  29. I am currently pregnant after two miscarriages in 2020. Please pray for the baby in my womb that it will continue growing and that I will give birth to a healthy baby this year. I ask for the intercession of St. Gerard as I make this petition.

  30. Please St Gerard protect a young mother and her little baby boy in her womb as she has contacted Covid. Please mind and protect them during their sickness and lead them both to a full recovery.

  31. that we will enjoy good health to carry on our work during the year and that our work will continue successfully

  32. Dearest Mother Mary, please help us. Please bless and protect my husband – please help him overcome his addiction temptations. Please bless my daughter – please keep her healthy and happy and protect her from evil. Please bless my parents dearest Mother. Please keep them healthy, happy, and keep them safe. Please help them complete their new house. Mother Mary, thank you for our jobs. Please bless our jobs and keep our jobs safe and secure. Mother Mary, I pray for a promotion as I really need the money. Amen

  33. For urgent intercession in a misunderstanding between me and my sister. That my son will recover from illness

  34. Our lady, St.Gerard and St.Jude please let us continue to wprk during the pandemic. We want to build a house this year. Please let the numbers come down and pray for everyones health.

    Thank you.

  35. Please pray for my healing from cancer, and that my scans are clear this week. Please let my liver be healthy again, and let these nodules on my head go away. Let my treatment be effective and have no reaction or side effects. Please keep me and my family safe from Covid-19 and all the vulnerable people in our community.

  36. Asking our lady of perpetual help assist me with my worries of my family

  37. dear mother of perpetual help. Please during this healing mission grant that my daughters stomach issue gets completely better. Please pray for her peace of mind and heart. Please pray for her healing.

  38. Our Lady and St Gerard with St Jude please please help us to reconcile with our son so that we can meet our grandchildren. This is the 12th Christmas that we have not seen him and it is almost impossible to bear. Please help us.
    In Jesus name

  39. I ask for prayers for my 45 year old sister Anna. She has a severe form of cancer. I also ask for prayers for his son Gian Marco.

  40. please pray for my mother to be cured of heart failure/infections grant her more years with us
    grant she will be home soon

  41. Mother Mary, Sacred Heart, Saint Martin. Please guide and help my daughter to overcome her eating disorder and help her to do well in her last year of college. Plus please let the treatment my daughters mum is having continue to keep her cancer at bay and eventually cure her. Please let me and her mother live long enough to see our daughter happy and healthy.
    I am thankful for all you have done for us all up to now.

  42. Dear Mother Mary, I am begging you from the bottom of my heart for your intercession. Please ask your Divine Son to preserve George’s memory and preserve my eyesight. Please also help all those affected by COVID and give strength and comfort to health care workers. Thank you Mother Mary for always helping me!

  43. Asking, seeking and knocking to be well in my mind-mental strength and wellness to love God and others greatly

  44. Please St Gerard pray for my wife that she will have a safe and healthy pregnancy and a birth of a child after many difficulties. Thank you for all the help.

  45. St Gerad I had to miss the last Mass of the Tridium but please don’t forget me.My heart longs to see my children and grandchildren at a time when other families are so close. Please melt my son’s hard heart.
    Thank you

  46. Dearest Mother Mary, please bless me and help me in my job. Please bless and protect my husband, daughter and parents. Please help me Mother Mary. Please help my parents complete the construction of their house. Please hear our prayers and help me overcome my temptations.

  47. Dear Mother

    Please may all be well with John’s MRI tomorrow and let nothing sinister be found.
    Hannah, baby and I need him in our lives.
    Dear Mother I put my faith and trust in you as always x

  48. I am saying this Novena in thanksgiving for favours received in the past week.
    Everything has worked out so well for my son and his new baby daughter.

  49. St Gerard, Please pray that my daughter will have a safe delivery of her baby in December and that she and her husband will get planning permission for their new house.

  50. Please ask St Gerald for reconciliation in my family and a chance to meet our grandchildren. PLease ask him to mend our broken famuly.
    Thank you so much

  51. Please pray for my dad John, he has been through a lot of ill health please heal his mind and body. Please I pray for my mum, please help her to cope. Please don’t let any infection or covid19 come to dad or any of us, it is a frightening time

  52. Please Blessed Lady Queen of Ireland and St Joseph and St Bernadette I beg your powerful intervention and intercession. Beg your Son JESUS to stop euthanasia from coming into Ireland. Please remember our forebears and Saints that honoured you! Stop the culture of death now Mary my mother I trust you will beg Jesus to end abortion and the darkness that has invaded our hearts and minds.
    Hail Mary,
    Full of Grace
    The Lord is with Thee
    Blessed art Thou amongst women
    And Blessed is Jesus

  53. St Gerard Majella, Please pray for my wife that her pregnancy will last after a number of losses.Please pray that this pregnancy will finally lead to a healthy baby and mother.Thank you for your help

  54. St Gerard Majella, you are the patron saint of mothers to be, please pray for my daughter who is pregnant with twins and may be hospitalised next week due to her breathing and discomfort, please pray for her twins that she will deliver them safely and that her twins will remain safely in her womb until it is safe for them and her to deliver, thank you St Gerard for your help

  55. Mother Mary, Sacred Heart, St. Jude, St Anthony, St Gerard, thank you for all the favours you have given me, please bless my son who is in hospital I will always be thankful for your help,.

  56. Please pray for my children especially one who is very challenging at such a young age.

  57. Dear Mother Mary, I pray specifically today for my daughter’s fiance who is trying hard to find a permanent teaching job – he has only managed temporary contracts so far. I know they want to get married and buy a house but this won’t be possible until he has a permanent job. Please Mary intercede for them so they can enjoy their future together. Thankyou.

  58. Mother of Perpetual Help. Please intercede for my daughter to be healed from daily migraines five months after contracting Covid19.

  59. Dear Mother of Perpetual help, I ask you please to pray for my friend and neighbour Roisin who fell down the stairs at the weekend and is now on a life support machine. She is the mother of 5 girls and the most friendliest and kindest person we are privileged to know. Her youngest daughter is due to get married in a few weeks. Please please pray she makes a recovery from this tragic accident

  60. Dear Mary Our Mother of Perpetual Help please help my grandson who is attending hospital today for his eating disorder. I pray that you will guide and protect him and his family through this time.

  61. Thanks giving
    To our dear mother of perpetual health
    For all of the favours we have received through the years

  62. Dear mother of perpetual help please take care of us and our family and friends during this pandemic and keep the virus from us and I ask you dear mother to keep us free from depression
    Thank you always for many blessings received through the years
    I always love the esker novena and never miss it thank you for putting it on line

  63. Thankyou for all the blessings I have received in life. Amen

  64. Please pray for my family. Keep my husband and children safe healthy and happy. Amen

  65. Mother Mary in this time of Covid bless all the pupils in school throughout the world and their teachers as they strive towork and grow and develop in these uncertain times . Help them all to overcome the disruptions and anxieties they face and to strengthen their bonds of friendship and grow inGods love Amen

  66. Mother Mary, bless and guide C a lady born with disability who has become so infirm in recent years. Her life is a struggle , give her grace to cope with the changes she is faced with and bless her elderly parents as they continue to care for her, grant her solace and comfort .

  67. Mother Mary, today I come with a joyful heart to thank you for the good news a friend received following a recent cancer scare and for the improving health of a young woman who was critically ill during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. She has given birth to a healthy baby boy and is beginning to show signs of recovery. For these and many blessings eternal thanks.

  68. Mother Mary
    Please help us as a family by your intercession with whatever challenges we may be Experiencing in our respective workplaces. Amen +

  69. Mother Mary
    I am struggling with my weight.
    This weekend I had given up.
    Mother Mary help me to find a way that works to solve this problem.
    My children and siblings are so worried about me and my health.
    It really hurts to know how anxious they are.
    I am really seeking God’s help in this matter.
    Please help with your kind intercession. Amen .+

  70. Mother Mary
    I entrust my family into your loving care.
    You know how we’ve been struggling through the years.
    Please help me to make my home a place of welcome for friends and family.
    I cannot do this without God’s help. Amen .+
    Thank you Mother Mary . Amen +

  71. Prayer for my daughter for grace and guidance with her exam preparation And for all her efforts to be crowned with exam success. Amen+

  72. Please pray for my sister who is having surgery

  73. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please pray to your Son that He will be with my friend Kevin, will have Mercy on Him, and give him Grace in this most difficult time in his life. Amen.

  74. Please pray for my 16 year old nephew who is in hospital since February 2020 being treated for Leukemia. He has suffered so much and is a true inspiration to us all. He has tolerated the treatment with dignity and acceptance. We pray that he recovers soon and gets to go home and live a long and happy life. We pray that the treatment will cure him and that he doesn’t have to have a bone marrow transplant. Please look after him Mother of Perpetual Help and get him through this very difficult period of his life. Thank you.

  75. Thank you Mother Mary for finding us the most wonderful Home Tutor for our daughter. Our daughter finished full-time education in a special school in 2019 and we were truly blessed that this amazing woman came into our lives. This lady has so much experience, is full of energy and ideas and has helped our daughter make so much progress over the past few months. And after a 4 month break, due to Covid-19, when the Home Tutor arrived last Monday it was like she was never away. We are so very grateful and pray that the program will continue to help our daughter reach her true potential. She is such a happy young woman despite her complex needs and we are so thankful that her digestive issues are now under control and she is back to her happy, funny, content self. Thank you for always looking after our beautiful daughter and keeping her safe. We are so grateful for all the blessings you send our way.

  76. Please pray for our 91 year old Aunt who was admitted to UHG last week. She was diagnosed with an embolism in her lung and is receiving treatment for this condition. Our Aunt attended the Esker Novena every year since she was a young girl and she loved it there. She is our late mother’s only sister and she lived with us all her life. She is a second mother to us and she worked hard in her job to provide for us all – she never thought of herself. She is so generous and kind. We pray that she will not suffer too much pain and that her stay in hospital will be a short one as she is a very private person. Please pray that she will recover quickly and return home. She deserves only pure happiness and peace. Sending her love and prayers from all her Nieces and Nephews, Grandnieces and Grandnephews, and her Great-Grandnephew.

  77. Our Blessed Mother please help my friend whose son has gone off the rails again drinking and staying out all night who knows where.
    My grand nephew has a hospital appointment on Monday please let the news be good. He is only 1year and 9months .
    Thank you for granting my petition in June regarding the reconciliation of my two sons. Please let this continue.
    Finally I myself have terrible pain in my joints. Give me the strength to endure it and if not get better at least not let it get worse so that I can get around.
    Thank you dear Mother.

  78. Blessed Mother I ask you to bless Pat a good friend and a wonderful teacher. Having retired only last year she was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas very recently. Give her grace and strength to endure the treatment she faces and to overcome her fears. Grant grace and comfort to her family as they struggle to accept and come to terms with her illness and give Pat the healing grace of your son Jesus .

  79. Mother of perpetual help i thank you for all the help you give me every day and especially for helping me with the results of tests i had recently. thank you for my daughter and for her getting a job in Galway and also for her health thank you for all my freinds

  80. Our Mother of Perpetual help, pray for my sister who was diagnosed with cancer.

  81. Thank you for a successful job interview – it will make a difference to my life. Thank you dear Mother for all the wonderful people in our lives who we so often take for granted.

    Thank you for all the past favours and intercessions you have answered – I am extremely grateful.

  82. MPH Please pray for the team of staff that will perform my surgery later in Sept and hoping for a successful outcomes.

  83. Mother Mary I ask you to bless my son and help him to look after his health and to get fit so that he may enjoy his middle years with his family Amen

  84. Blessed Mother I ask today for your grace for Tom diagnosed with terminal cancer in recent weeks.He is currently in hospital with an infection and unable to see his loved ones who are devastated at the speed And extent of his illness. Grant them all grace to deal with each day and return Tom to the bosom of his family where he can spend his final weeks , bless them holy mother and bless Tom. amen

  85. Mother of Perpetual Help please pray for Joe who died suddenly & for all his grieving family

  86. Dear Mother of Perpetual help please intercede with your beloved son for me, on Tuesday the 8th Sep I will get my 30th and final radio therapy treatment. Please pray that it has made a difference and that God grants me more time with my family please.Also for a dear friend who is also having major health problems that she may regain health and strength.

  87. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, please pray for my son to have the confidence to perform well at a job interview on Monday. He has waited a long time for this opportunity. Please Mother intercede for him that he is successful getting the job he desperately needs.
    Thank you .

  88. Dear Mother Mary. You have given me the most beautiful mother on earth also called Mary. She is going through serious surgery today and her 8 children are out of their mind with worry. She is the most special mother anyone could ask for. Pleae ask uyour son to deliver her safely through her surgery and ultimately recovery. Thank you for all the favour you have granted our family over the years.

  89. For Eileen that her medical problem will be healed.
    That Malachy will be successful in finding a suitable job.

  90. Mother of Perpetual Help
    I pray for my son Deaglan that he will meet a girl with whom he can share his life and be happy. So far in life he has no success with relationships and he is now turning 33, I despair that he may never meet someone as he is such a kind family man. I have continued to pray for him for several years but would sincerely ask your help once more.

  91. MOPH I bring before you my Brother, I bring all his achievements and all his dreams. Mother hear his hearts desire I pray that he may hear Gods will for him and feel your loving comfort always. Amen

  92. Dear Our Mother of Perpetual Help with the help of your Dear Son I am begging you to help me and my husband. We are in complete despair tonight, the doctor has suggested that IVF maybe our only option of conceiving a child, our hearts are broken. Please pray for me for us, please prayer that this is not the case and grant us the miracle of conception naturally. We know this requires a miracle but please hear our prayer.

    • Caoimhe, This is Fr. Seamus Devitt from Esker. If you and your husband would like the blessing with St. Gerard’s relic here in Esker, please contact us, if you are near. St. Gerard Majella is the patron saint of couples praying for a child, and of expectant mothers. My email direct is Thanks. Will hold you both in the novena prayers.

  93. Pray that our dsughter will have a healthy baby next month.
    Pray that our daughter and boyfriens work and wedding plans will work out for the best next year. Pray that our daughter in laws sister will be cured of her cancer. Pray that l will keep my job in these very difficult times. Pray that my husband and family will be healthy and happy.
    Please do not publish my petitions. Thank you

  94. Please pray for my nephew Michael that he will get what he would like to study in Maynooth. He has passed his Science exam and would like to continue to get a Masters degree.

  95. Please St Gerard, if it is the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, intercede for Alex and her little baby whom you may already have taken to your kingdom. Pray for my own son that God will keep him safe in this world and in the next. Bless Samantha who has left this world. Keep her children and grandchildren in your care. Amen

  96. Thank you Our Mother of Perpetual Help for all the favours I have received through your intercession with the Lord for me. Thank you.

  97. Please pray for my daughter who is hoping to join a post-graduate course in France – I pray that all will go well for her.

    I pray for myself as I am preparing for a job interview on Friday – please help me to do well dear Mother.

    I pray for my other children who are in relationships – dear Mother please help them to go forward and to commit to their partners in happy marriages.

  98. To our Lady of Perpetual help please help me I am waiting on test about my health keep me in your loving care,Also my family keep us all safe,and my friends too. My friends daughter isn’t well at the moment her name is Claire .Thankyou.????????????

  99. Mother of perpetual help please keep my duaghter her partner his family my nieces sister inlaw and myself safe and healthy and free from this coonovirus also help my daughter’s partner to get a job in galway and get his financial difficulties sorted . Also pray for my neighbour who is seriously ill in hospital

  100. Please pray for my sister-in-law in Liverpool who is undertaking treatment for an aggressive brain tumour. She is 54 years old and married to my brother and mother to my niece and nephew.

    She is being very brave but I plead for your intercession dear Mother and leave all in your hands.

  101. Please pray for unity amongst my daughters and son. I pray that The Lord will break down the barriers and allow His love into our hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

  102. Dear mother of perpetual help please take care of my family at home and away,keep them safe from the virus and give us our health and ease my aches and pains
    Thank you mother for blessings and prayers answered in the past
    Please help a friend who is very ill

  103. Dear Mother I pray for My Brother who has so many strengths. Help him find the way out of the hole he is in. Help him know there is another way. I pray your Perpetual love always apon him Amen

  104. Our Lady of Perpetual Help grant Mairead and Dualta the gift of a new baby.

  105. Petitioning Our Lady of Perpetual Help through her intercession grant that Katie may conceive a baby a gift that Katie and her husband Stuart would dearly wish to receive at this point in their marriage.

  106. I thank the Lord with all my heart for delivering me from a lifetime affliction with anxiety through the intercession of the Holy Spirit. My Lord and my God. Kathy R.

  107. Please pray for my loving family who have been so supportive to me during my anxiety

  108. Blessed Mother I ask you to bless Frank keep him under your protection and grant him good health and companionship and contentment as he grows older.Thankyou for the many blessings bestowed upon him from childhood to adulthood Amen

  109. Please remember in your prayers my husband who’s fifth anniversary is this week

  110. Mother of perpetual. help please include my family in your prayers during the novena. That all my grandchildren will be safe at school

  111. Dear Mother Mary. Please continue to pray for healing for my eyes and for my husband’s memory issues. Pray also for those suffering in any way and for my family and friends. Help me not to worry and to trust in God. Thank you dear Mother.

  112. Dear Our Lady please pray for me and my family Amen Thank you ????????

  113. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, pls pray to God Almighty to heal the world and its ppl of COVID Virus.
    Pls help us financially and heal, protect and Help us fight this evil overflowing the earth. Pls help the priests and the bishops to do God’s Will. Mother, protect us from all harms and evil. These I pray, Amen ????????.
    Above all, I thank you, Mother of Perpetual Help for everything. Without you, we’re powerless, with you, we’re powerful! Pray for us who have recourse to Thee.????????

  114. Dearest Mother please protect Sarah and the children from any illness,sort out her house and job worries,
    increase her faith and trust in your son, and help her pass it on to the children, heal her broken heart, and grant that I will be able to visit soon, or that they may be able to come home from Australia in Jesus name ,Amen

  115. Please Mother Mary pray for my partner who is awaiting scan results at the moment that he will get good results. Also dear Mother, thank you for looking after my father who has Cancer and recently got good news that even his Doctors were surprised at. Please Mother watch over and protect us.

  116. Please pray for my husband who is having a cyst removed that his results will come back all clear. Please also spread your holy mantle around all my family and keep them safe at all times and that they be blessed with good health. For my grandson who is 11 and suffers with great anxiety and stress that he will get the help he needs to deal with the fears that he is currently suffering.

    For my son and his wife to find a family home of their own so that they can settle and provide stability to their young family.

    For my daughter and son that they find suitable employment where they can achieve job satisfaction and security.

    A Loving Daughter

  117. I pray for my brother as he turns 50 this month that he may know how precious his life is and that he may start to look after his health more. Mother Mary Hear my Prayer.


  119. Dear Mother Mary and St. Gerard. Please pray for healing for my eyes and to preserve George’s memory. Pray also for all those affected by Covid and for an end to the pandemic. Thank you for all the favors you have granted,

  120. As grandparents, we appeal to you, Mother of Perpetual Help, to ask your Son to restore the loving parental bonds shattered in an acrimonious separation in our family.

  121. Blessed Mother I ask that our family may be brought through this time of Corona healthy and become closer to you and Jesus. I pray for our granddaughters that the world they are growing up in becomes a place of safety and equality and fairness. I ask for the gifts of wisdom, good judgement and generosity as we live our days and thank you for the many blessings we have received as a family. amen

  122. Dear Mother, please guide and strengthen our family during these difficult times and stabilise and calm the mental health of our family members who struggle so much. Amen

  123. I thank you Mother of Perpetual Help for helping me so much since my last petitions. Please continue to make your presence known to me, strengthen my faith, rid me of my terrible anxiety and please help our special school intention. Amen

  124. Dear mother please pray that Eithne will have a good scan today and will have a viable pregnamcy and healthy and happy baby. And deb will will ha healthy baby and Lycycwill become pregnant and have a healthy and happy Baby. Thank you for Mikes return to work. Take care of all my family anf friends

  125. Thanksgiving to Our Lady of Perpetual Help for blessings received from the Lord, throughout my life, and on this my 65th birthday.

    I ask her intercession for those who have asked me to pray for them.

  126. For baby c who has tests on thurs for his parents and brother and his grandad who has major operation in aug for family members for healing and relationships and jobs and conversions thank you sincerely

  127. Oh mother of perpetual help me with my hoarding and help me to find mental peace and to be of service to others thank you for never abandoning me

  128. Asking our lady of perpetual help for my worries with health with my family and that all will be ok

  129. I pray for help through a difficult time and that myself and my partner can get through it together as a family.

  130. Our Lady of Perpetual Help
    I pray to you for my son and daughter in law to be blessed with fertility and that they will be able to have a baby to love and cherish.

  131. I’ve just found out I’m expecting, I’m nervous as I lost my last baby at just over 6weeks.
    Please keep us both safe and help me carry to full term.

    Also pray for my mother in law, who’s currently in the hospice receiving help.
    Keep her safe and keep her with us to meet her first grandchild.

  132. Please help me with my studies and an interview I have today. Thank you Mother of Perpetual Help for guiding me.

  133. Dear mother please let us get some.good news today! Please pray for us

  134. Please pray that the corona virus be defeated and destroyed. Also for my children and grandchildren to return to the church. Please pray for a spiritual awakening for them.

  135. Please pray for my family the last couple months have been really tuff and my husband everytime he drinks he gets abusive and psychotic and my kids have been through some tuff times to thanks

  136. Please pray I Maria… be cancer-free ofeverything forever… InJesus’name.Amen.God’s Will be done forever Thank youvery much.

  137. Thank you blessed Lady for bringing my sister home from Scotland and staying with her to make her well again. And for Laura who is due a child. Thank you Mother of Perpetual help and St Gerard

  138. Please pray for the recovery of my dear husband Tommy who has been in hospital for 10 weeks now.He was recovering from heart surgery when he contracted Covid 19.Please pray that his physical recovery will be complete,that his anxiety be lessened and that he will be restored to his loving family

  139. For the Pope, Bishops, and Priests that God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit together with Mary, and the Angels will be with them at this stressful time and give them strength, comfort and love. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St Michael pray for them.

  140. That my husband with get good news from his consultant regarding his scan for kidney cancer, that his treatment is working.
    For all who are suffering in this Coronavirus and who gave died from the virus. For the frontline workers. Our Lady of Perputal Help pray for us. Amen.

  141. Please help us through all this difficult time.


  142. Dear Mother of Perpetual help comfort the dying this night and those who grieve. Save our country from this dreadful scourge of cornavirus. Protect us and all your holy people. Amen

  143. special request for me under a huge lot of stress at present, working partime on a ce scheme, alot of rules and people watching me just feel like treading on egg shells its affecting my health very bad infection glands sore mouth etc, as jesus to intercede and find me somewhere i be happy asap,

  144. Dear St Gérard.
    We ask you for the miracle of life conception.. We are waiting and trying for 6 &half years to have a beautiful child.
    Please look after our first little baby, too beautiful to be born to this world & who became an angel in September .
    Oh dear St Gérard ask the Father to give us a successful pregnancy.

    Pray for us


  145. Dear mother of perputial help,

    Please help work and this new clinic take off. Im struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel anf always feel like nothing is easy. I need uour prayers and guideance at this time.

    Thank you xx

  146. Thanksgiving text:
    Thank you dearest Mother for recovering my health fully and forever. Thank you for giving me back my life and making me healthy, independent to walk, run, climb stairs, join my job as before. Thank you for always protecting me and family. Thank you for making me healthier and giving me back my life as before – Deeps

    Thanksgiving text:
    Thank you Mother mary for protecting my baby daughter and always giving her good health.Thank you for blessing her always and giving her good health and joy – Deeps

  147. Through the intercession of St Gerard I ask his help to bless our daughter and her husband with a family

  148. Pray for my very special dad recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Pray also for all family members with heavy hearts at this time. Pray for us.

  149. Dear lord, thank you for all your graces that you have given me. Through the intercession of St. Gerard Majella I ask you to bless my wife and I with a baby. I make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  150. Thank you Dear St. Gerard for giving me two wonderful babies, now teens, that have had their own trials & tribulations in life but who have lived with grace & strength!! Thank you for their Wonderful Company , Compassion for me & our puppy!! They are the light & love of my life & I am grateful for them every waking day, they attended the Novena’s with me all down through the years as I did with my parents r.i.p.

  151. Thank you St Gerard for your blessings and thank God for your lovely novena at Esker. Please pray for my sister Niamh that she can come home from Scotland permanently. Please pray for my placement in a school coming up soon too and especially for my family, tomorrow on your Feast day. Please also pray for Laura that she will be able to have a baby. Thank you againn Amen… God Bless

  152. Dear sr Gerard patron saint of motherhood please pray for Mairead Colleran that she may conceive a healthy child and rear him or her to be a good Christian Thank you dear St

  153. Dear Lord grant. That my daughter and her husband will have a baby.they so long for

  154. Dear St Gérard.. We praise Jesus for your life of love and service to Him who created us…
    He blessed you with miracles…
    We ask you for the miracle of life conception.. We are waiting and trying for 3 half years to have a beautiful child of our own..
    Od dear St Gérard ask the Father to give us a child of our own..
    Thank you so much. We will thank you in this life and hug you in the next..
    Love G & C xxxx

  155. Dear St. Gerard,
    Ever since the day I conceived, I know that God has given me this gift through your intercession. I’m now 31 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. Please continue to protect and guide us. Help me to carry my baby to full-term with no complications. Please keep him healthy, strong, and bouncy. Please grant us a safe and healthy delivery. Currently, he’s position is breech. Please guide him to turn in time for delivery. Thank you St. Gerard.
    Lorna & Jose

  156. I Recently had four miscarriages over the course of 11months. We have been married since March 2018, and have been trying for a baby ever since, In December we will be having results of test too see if there’s any problem causing the miscarriages, if you could pray that we get good news in December and go on to have a healthy family in the future it would mean the world to me and my husband . All we want is our own family. Thank you.

  157. Pray for my daughter to get a permanent job in Australia as early as possible

  158. St Alphonsus your founder we beg you through Our most powerful Lord Jesus Christ to breathe life health and maturity into Alexander James Mc Adam our premature Grandson. Bless his parents Meabh and Sean Meabh and Sean who are terrified that they might lose him they love him so much. Pray for Alexander grand parents now and always.Thank you most humbly St Alphonsus.

  159. for a safe pregnancy for young couple

  160. Pray that Cora and John will have a family nd cathal nd Edel will have a family and pray that cathal will get a permanent job soon

  161. Dear mother,

    Please give me peace of mind and let my patient be ok. I do my best everyday. Pray for me.

  162. Dear Lord & his beloved Mother Mary, please help my dear sister who has cancer. She is a wonderful, kind, caring girl and has always been so good. Please help her to be cured.

  163. Please help my niece in today’s exam.

  164. Please help R in his exam today. He has worked so hard but is nervous.

  165. Asking for prayers for my daughters mental and physical health that gives me a lot of worry from time to time

  166. Please pray for us to bless with children. I had issues with endometriosis and had surgery and we believe that God will do miracles in our life.

  167. Please pray for our friends’ new baby daughter who was born three months early. Pray that she will continue to fight to survive and grow up to be a healthy daughter to her parents who have waited for their first child. Pray that they may get the strength they need to get through these dark days.

  168. Please pray for my dad that is awaiting serious results from doctors. Please give him the strength to carry on. Amen

  169. May N succeed at this tough exam today and on his other forthcoming exams. Please God that his operation next week will go well too.

  170. Please dear mother please guide us to victory at the weekend.

  171. Please pray for my son who is in an abusive marriage. Pray that God guides him in his decisions for his well being. Pray that my daughter-in-law gets help.

  172. Mother Mary.. Thank you so much to made me well soon.. My tongue problems are started going away from me.. And all my negative thought are far away from me.. It’s all Becoz of your blessings.. Thank you so much mother.. Be with me always.. And bless our family with good health and wealth in all the situation through out our lifetime.

    Thank you mother.. Bless us always… No negative energy should come near us… Be with us always.. Guide us with all holiness and happiness and an everlasting happiness.

    Thank you mother..thank you for blessing me with good health

  173. Pls heal my childrens illnesses Venice for her skin asthma,Teodore for his vesicouretheral reflux and lukaz for his asthma. and also help me in my financial crisis.. I love you Mother Mary.

  174. mother mary please help me!!
    please save me from my mouth problems.please help
    please give me a good health.
    please protect my family with all your blessings
    please bless me with good health..
    solve all my health problems
    jesus is my only god our lord..please mother mary..bless me.

  175. Oh Mary Our Mother pray for my son and daughter inlaw that they will return to their Mass and faith. Please pray for other member of my family who have strayed from their religion.

    Pray for all the priests in this troubled times.

  176. Our Mother of Perpetual Help & St Padre Pio please heal my daughter of her illness and protect and guide her through life. Please help her find employment that she will be happy in. Give her in her decision regarding change of job that she will make the right decision. Pray that she will met someone nice to go through life with and if it is God holy will that she will be blessed with a healthy happy family.

    Mary & Padre Pio please ask God to bless my son and his wife and that they may be blessed with a healthy happy family. Please grant their love for each other to grow each day and their love and respect for all their neighbours family and friends. Remove all hardness from their hearts that can.

    Mary I also ask you and Jesus to heal my brother who is suffering severally from depression, loneliness
    from his mother died and who has lost the will to make a living for himself. He is in financial difficulties and just cannot see away to make a living. Please heal him I pray.

    May God bless myself and my husband make us strong, in faith hope and charity.

    Pray for and heal all the people of the world who are suffering at this moment and time

    Thank You

  177. Please pray Andrea my girlfriend who I want to marry will have a change of heart and protection for her ..please pray God wills us to be together in Jesus name..

  178. Dear mother of perpetual help please let my days get easier.

    Thank yoi

  179. Please dear Mother help all my family especially my daughter who is going through separation at moment that an amicable agreement will be reached and the children will be o.k also for my grand daughter starting secondary school in September .

  180. Please do not publish online, thank you.

    Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

    Please help me in finding my purpose in life, career wise. Help me use my talents to serve others, as well as myself, in the best possible way. Assist me in my job search and guide me to roles and people who will help me realise my full potential. Also, please help with my father’s test results due mid June that whatever they find is treatable and that he will enjoy many more good years ahead of him on this earth. Please guide my brother to find a girlfriend or a circle of friends that inspire him to curb his drinking and enjoy other aspects of life.

    Please hear my prayers.

    Thank you.

  181. Dear mother of peputual help please let this mess at work be cleared up on tuesday. I dont want any added stress i just want it resolved. Please pray for me and give me peace of mind.
    Thank u

  182. Dear mother of peputual help please let work pick up for 2018. I work so hard and feels like i get nothing in return i dont know ehat else i can do. Please pray for me. Thank you.

  183. Please pray for my son and daughter in law. They are having marital problems. Pray that God opens their hearts to each other and helps them through this difficult time. Amen.

  184. Dear Lord stay close to me as I travel through this health challenge, help me to remain faithful that I will grow old with my husband and my children. I pray that my life will become pain free, that I can play with my children and mother them when they need me. I pray for health, energy and peace of mind. Thank you Lord for remaining my companion, stay close by my side and continue to give me strength. My love always

  185. Please pray for my father who has brain tumors. He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Pray that God guides the surgeon and nurses who are doing the operation.

  186. Please mother let me have peace of mind for 2018 and not feel so down. Please let me and my family be happy and health in 2018 & enjoy it. 2017 was a bad year and i dont want to put down a year again like it.

    Thank you

  187. Holy Mother of Perpetual Help please protect me from all harm and evil that has beset me for so many years.Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Amen. O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant that I will always praise your Holy Name. You are the saviour of the living and salvation of the dying. O Holy Mary Mother of God, please give me urgent financial help and bless all those who pray for me and those in need of thy divine intervention. This we ask through Jesus and Mary and Joseph, Amen

  188. Please pray for me I lost my job and i am under severe financial pressure at the moment.
    Thank you. I will pray for all of you.

  189. Please pray that a new treatment my wife will be receiving for Cancer will work and heal her, so that she will get to see her Daughter grow up.
    Please also pray to help my Daughter get through this difficult time of her Mother having Cancer and being able to deal with it.
    I would be most grateful to Jesus and his Mother if this wish was granted especially for my Daughter to have her Mother around to share an adult relationship.

    Thank you.

  190. I lost my job in July 2016. I have been without a job since then. This has brought so much pain and hardship to my family. Please pray for me for God’s mercy.

  191. Please pray that my Son, Luke’s life will be renewed by the love of Our Lord and the Holy Spirit. I pray that Luke develops true self worth and lives a pure, healthy and good life.
    Thank You

  192. Please pray for my mother-in-law who broke her hip. She is not mending very well. Pray that God heals her. Amen

  193. Mother od perpetual help please help me remain positive and please help me to not be feeling so down and anxious. I need your help

  194. Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I have strength while undergoing this crisis. I’m very scared, anxious, desperate & I don’t want to lose hope.
    Thank you.

  195. Mother of perpetual help I have alot to thank you for but especially for giving us fr jimmy buckley to celebrate in your novena.. as he looks just like my dear dad that we sadly lost to cancer just 2 years ago, he has brought me great comfort. So thank you mother of perpetual help and of course thank you fr Buckley….

  196. Mother of perpetual help I have alot to thank you for but especially for giving us fr jimmy buckley to celebrate in your novena.. as he looks just like my dear dad that we sadly lost to cancer just 2 years ago, he has brought me great comfort. So thank you mother of perpetual help and of course thank you fr Buckley….

  197. Lord take care of kevin psy charity problem and cure him without any medications. He should get placed in Bangalore, and also help my elder son Emmanuel find good job in aboard with good salary.

  198. Mother of all the people who are need of your help, I want you to talk to your beloved son Jesus and forgive all are mistakes, please help my brother Christopher family , take away the psin that the family is facing, bring the whole together and make the kids feel the real touch from you.Bless the kids abundantly.

  199. Hi

    requesting your valuable prayers for my sister ( she has recently undergone an abortion to which she did not consent but was forced). Please pray that her wounds heal and God’s mercy find resting place on her

    Thank you

  200. Jesus help Cian and his mother Fiona tonight

  201. Asking to be granted the gift of motherhood. We long to be parents & pray that we will be given the chance to bring up good children.

  202. please pray for roberto’s job. He has so many problems. thnks

  203. Dear Heavenly Father, I miss you friend Eric McDonald.I don’t know where he is nor how he is…Please protect him; keep him safe.Please heal him in spirit, soul, and body…
    Eric needs Jesus-Help Eric to know and believe in Jesus Chris.He needs Jesus:please help Eric to understand Jesus as his savior, his Lord, his reedemer. and as his best friend.Eric needs to know the friendship and love of Jesus….
    Abba Father, you know all Eric’s needs:meet him at the point of all his needs,Please be his answer and his hope…Save him…bless him and love him in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen!!!

  204. Dearest mother, please pray for my son, he is just 16 years old and a lovely lad. We are facing a difficult time at present. Please give us the strength to get through this.
    I pray dear mother.
    A loving and grateful daughter.

  205. Dear community, please pray that I may with all of my heart know Gods unconditional love for me in my past sins and start joyful life. I am so very exhausted of many years lasting terrible torture of deep guilt, darkness and very strong diabolic opressions, despite conversion many years ago. I know the theory, but these diabolic lies about my great guilt and false image of God are so deeply rooted in my heart, it is very exhausting..Thank you very much! May God bless you! Jana

  206. Please pray for the soul of my daughter who passed away recently. also please pray for my husband and son and myself and extended family that we can find peace and a way forward,.

    God bless you all and thank you for your prayers

  207. Please pray that Our Lord enters into the heart and life of Luke. Also, please may I ask for your prayers for a special intention regarding Luke.
    Thank You

  208. Dear mother of pepetual help please let this ankle injury heal up by the weekend as i really need to start back as iv 2 important games coming up. Please help

    Thank you

  209. Pray that Freda & Nigel will have a baby that they long so much for, they have gone through four miscarriages.
    Prayer that Nigel will get a job soon that he will be happy in.

  210. Please pray for healing for Luke. May he know the love of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother in Heaven in his heart and live a good and happy life.
    Thank you

  211. I wish to hopefully hear back, from the company, that I have applied for a night work position from
    I hope that they will contact me very soon and that i may be successful .
    Thank you.

  212. Asking for health for my daughter who. Is on treatment from a new specalist and for my sister in law starting chemo and for all my worries heallth and work

  213. My mother of perpetual help please help us through and find a solution to our dire financial situation .
    Our company is on the verge of bankruptcy and we may loose our home… All I ask is that we find a way to save our home ..amen

  214. Our blessed lady st Anthony st of miracles please help francis to get SDU keep them all in their health and on state of grace always

  215. I am a stage 3 kidney cancer survivor.
    Please pray for my daughter Z to pass her medical school exams.
    Please pray for God’s hand to empower Z’s discernment and wisdom to extend her territory for God.

    Thank you. God Bless you all.

  216. For the happy death of R who is in his last few days. That Our Lady may guide him into the eternal kingdom. May all strife and suspicion amongst his family and loved ones be healed, so that no trace of bitterness or enmity remain now or after his death.

  217. Please pray for my grandson. He is having 2 surgeries on Tuesday. Pray that God guides the doctors and that the surgeries can be done laparoscopic. Please pray for his parents that God helps them through this ordeal. God Bless!

  218. Will you pray for my son who is starting a new job that he will be content in it and find suitable accommodation in dublin. Thank God for all his gifts to us as a family

  219. Dear jesus please find tenants soon for our house to be rented out as we are under financial pressure. Please pray for healing and understanding in my family amen

  220. Asking for health for all the family mental and physical and all work worries and for guidance for my childrenand for all that is sick at present that have asked for prayers

  221. God the Father, please bless a past school friend and her husband to have a child. She is a loving, kind and generous person and will be a wonderful mother if granted the chance. Please bless and help them.
    Please also bless and help my brother’s and sister-in-law’s son with health and to gain a healthy weight. Please help the doctors and nurses to figure out how to help him.
    Please bless and help my sister and brother-in-law’s baby. Please grant her a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery. Please let the baby be healthy.
    Please bless and help all my nieces and nephews born and yet to be born, with their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health as they grow up in this world. Please protect them from all harm and evil influence and guide them on their journey through life.
    Please bless and help all children who feel unloved, uncared for and unwanted in this world. Heal their pain and help them to know and feel Your love and care in this world through all Your peoples and creations. Help them to see how beautiful this world is as only children can and hold them in Your loving arms all the days of their lives. Let them know joy. Please bless and heal all children.
    I ask this through Your loving Son Jesus, Our Blessed Mother Mary and Your devoted servant St. Gerard.

  222. please pray for me that I may find the right husband and a father to my child. I may not be specific with the qualities that I want from a person but God knows every detail, may He grant the desires of my heart and may God give the man with the qualities I want.May God send me such a one whom in his divine wisdom He judge best suited to be united with me in marriage.May that man be upright, loyal, sincere, noble, consistent, loving, caring, understanding, responsible etc. so that with united efforts and with pure and unselfish love we both may strive to perfect ourselves in soul and body, as well as the children it may please God to entrust to our care.May God direct me to the person with whom I can best cooperate in doing God’s Holy Will, with whom I can live in peace, love and harmony in this life, and attain to eternal joys in the next.

  223. Please pray for my Daughter Maria who has done Chemotherapy, unfortunately it has not work for her. I beg you to pray to Jesus and his Blessed Mother Mary to heal all the infirmities of her soul and heal and cure the Cancer that has invaded her body. So that in good health she will do God’s will on earth in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savour, Amen.
    Thank you, and may God Bless you always.

  224. Please pray for my son who is studying medicine abroad that he will have a long and happy life and pass all. His exams.please pray that my husband will succeed in his work and that it will be made easy for him.please pray that he will be a kind and loving husband and remain healthy.please pray that we can pay off our mortgage.please pray that i will be happy and healthy and not so lonely.

  225. Please pray to Jesus and Mother Mary to grant me all the graces needed for my conversion and salvation, especially the grace of purity. Also, pray for me to be completely healed of chronic stomach disorder.

  226. I pray that i continue to be happy and to not feel that the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

  227. Please pray for Oonagh who is into her third year of surgeries and treatments for cancer. Haematoma formed after her last surgery. Its eleven cms and is also cancerous..we pray for complete and total healing and that a healthy and vigorous life may be hers again.she is 35..God bless and thanks ..

  228. I pray for the intentions of our friends and families. I pray for peace in the world. I pray for all our deceased family and friends and that we meet them all again when our time on earth is through

  229. Please pray for all the sick people. Please heal my body and mind and give me the courage to keep going everyday and be the mother and wife my family deserve. Please grow my faith stronger and may my anxiety get weaker and weaker. Bless my child and my husband in all of life health peace and happiness

  230. Prayers for my mother Stella Rogal. Recently diagnosed with stage 3 kidney
    failure due to renal stenosis. Prayers for restoration of her kidneys and continued long and happy
    Thank You and God Bless!

  231. Prayer for Healing
    O Jesus, we believe in you, we hope in you, and we love you.
    Strengthen our faith, renew our hope and love, and grant our prayers.
    Touch with your healing love, O Lord, all who feel the hurt of life’s wounds.

    Long ago, when people prayed to you for healing,
    you listened to them, blessed them
    and answered their prayer.
    Heal us now of our sinfulness and
    of the hatred that divides us.

    Take away our hardness of heart.
    Open our eyes which are often blind to the needs of others.
    Remove our selfishness and our greed.
    Give us self-control at all times,
    and fill our hearts with your eternal love.

    O Jesus, we ask you now to heal and bless us,
    and fill us with your peace.


  232. pray that Jonathan come safely through the coming 4 weeks of chemotherapy treatment safely and be healed of his disease,that he may be at peace throughout and know the love of God,his family and his friends. may his doctors and nurses be attentive,inspired and compassionate and his friends and family know how best to support him, thanks be to God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit Amen

  233. Please pray that my daughter is healed. She is having health issues. She has 3 little children and a husband that love and need her very much.

  234. pray that aunt imelda recovers and gets stronger she had her first course of chemo last monday and reacted badly with it severe vomiting and diarrhoea mouth ulcers infection now in hospital on drip iv antibiotics cant eat or take much fluids it was so extreme pray our lord gives her strength and recovers

  235. Please pray for me over the next 2 days as I am facing a difficult time

  236. Please pray for my son and daughter in law. They are going through rough times because their baby was born with health issues. Pray God guides them through this and keeps them strong. God Bless!

  237. Please pray for a newborn sick baby who is having tests done for metrobolic disorders,, that they may come back clear please god.
    Thank you

  238. Please pray for my 8 month old grandson. He has to have brain surgery in the next few days

  239. Help me with my job I find I am struggling to keep on top of things and I feel I can’t cope any mote

  240. Pray for grandchild starting exams tomorrow . Thank you

  241. Please pray for a young doctor who is receiving treatment for a serious brain tumour and for
    and her family who are deeply upset.
    Thank you.

  242. Please pray for me. I am struggling to walk and I am a young person. I suffer from multiple sclerosis. I promise many favours in return for getting my walk back and also I would just love to get my Favourite hobby back’ that is dancing. It would make my life.

  243. Kindly pray for our fragile family, marriage, health, job and pension, vocations and studies. Thank you in Jesus and Mary!

  244. I pray for divine intercession for healing/forgiveness, to dismiss this divorce and quickly reconcile/restore our holy sacred marriage (D&R). I pray that God will open the doors to communication, and forgiveness and knock down the walls to silence, pride, hurt, and anger. This past November, my husband of 6 years came back from his military deployment, completely moved out of the house, and has filed for divorce without any closure or explanation and zero communication. I was also served the divorce papers this past December at work.
    I humbly ask all the Angels, Saints, Martyrs, Blessed Mother Mary, Apostles, and Jesus to bind and remove the work of satan, evil spirits, and all negative external influences in our lives and away from our marriage.
    Dear Heavenly Father, please deliver our minds, bodies, hearts, souls, and spirits from all of Satan’s hurt/pain, anger/bitterness, hate/malice, selfishness/pride, lies, lust, rebellion/revenge, greed, fear/anxiety/depression, unbelief/doubt, guilt, separation, and confusion, and in turn create a spirit of patience, compassion, faith, self-control, confidence, wisdom, clarity, humbleness, forgiveness, joy, grace, hope, integrity, communication, and unending love. O God, please tear down the walls around our hearts and help my husband find/turn to You and the Holy Catholic Church. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit will dwell and move in my husbands heart, body, soul, spirit, and mind in order for him to be open to see and hear God’s message about divorce and marriage reconciliation. Lord please help us to stand firm and put on the Full Armor of God and cover us in your Precious Blood.
    In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

    I miss my husband so much. Please pray my husband will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I begging and praying for a miracle! Please reconcile my marriage and dismiss this divorce and non existent communication. My heart is aching and breaking daily for my husband. Please pray God will touch and heal his heart and save him. We need peace, grace, and forgiveness. Please save our marriage.

  245. sucess of heart procedure for my niece and of depression that another niece is suffering from. .for happy outcome of pregnancy efforts for niece in law and for peaceful reconciliation of two upset marriages. Thank you.

  246. Please pray for my preemie grandson! He has an appt with the lung Doctor tomorrow. Pray all goes well and his lungs are healing.

  247. Please pray for my grandson. He’s a preemie and is back in the hospital. Please pray that God heals his lungs.

  248. Asking for health for all my familyand that my daughter will make the right career choice

  249. Please pray for my baby grandson, he is being rushed to the hospital with breathing troubles. Please pray God protects this child. God please help his patents through this.

  250. Pray for my eyesight

  251. After 6 years of infertility my husband and I are going through an ivf cycle. We are praying to St. Gerard and to Our Lady for help. It is going well so far but our largest hurdle is to come. We have conceived 2 embryos and we now need them to survive in my womb. We would deeply appreciate your prayers to help us bring our children into the world. Thank you so much.

  252. Please pray for my premature grandson, He had to be rushed to the hospital, Please pray that God heals him. God Bless!

  253. Asking for prayers. Afor all the people affected by traagety this weekend asking for health and guidance for all the family and that. they will end up in jobs happy and thanking God for a good. Year this year asking that a member of our family will be having genetic testing in January praying it will be negative and for prayers for awho have asked us for prayers

  254. Please pray for my grandson Evan who is having health issues. Pray that God helps him get better!

  255. Please pray for my grandson who was premature. He is struggling with eating. Pray that God helps him with this, so he gets stronger and gains weight. God Bless!

  256. .Dear Lord & my mother Mary in Heaven,
    I humbly thank you each day for each day we celebrate my son’s sobriety and his new journey through life.
    I ask you to keep him safe in mind & body, bless him with renewed faith & courage to pursue all the gifts you give to him in this life. Help him to realize his own talents & cure him from anxiety, so he can fulfil his vocation in life, continue to help/ guide him to find his flow and come to a more peaceful state of being.
    I am so grateful for this miracle you have bestowed on us; I shall live forever in gratitude, in your name. Amen

  257. Dear Lord and My mother in Heaven. I give you thanks for my son’s sustained soberity, please continue to bless him, give him strength, confidence & faith in himself and in you, help him to keep prayer close to all he does in life. Please help him gain full health & free him from severe anxiety.

  258. Saint Jude pray for us. please hear my desperate request

  259. Dear St Gerard,

    Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on me granting on me job security; May the Lord bless my family too granting upon us good health, healing and divine favours to the glory of His name, amen.

  260. My loving mother of perpetual help hear my petition for my health worries known to you my mother of perpetual help dear mother lead into heaven this day all the souls of innocent people murdered in Paris France last night console and comfort their families and friends may they rest in your love and peace this
    Holy month of november

  261. Please pray for my daughter Charish Ann to be able to focus and concentrate on reviewing for her board exam. Grant her a healthy mind and body and may she pass the nursing board exam on November 29 and 30, 2015.

    Thank you.

  262. Please pray for our grand niece who is very ill. Please heal our little girl, help her parents and extended family and friends. Please make her strong and well.
    thank you.

  263. Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on me in my life endeavors; May the Lord bless the works of my hands and grant my family good health, healing and divine favours to the glory of His name, amen.

  264. Please pray for continued health of mind & body for my mother & for all those we know who are ill…. for myself I pray for the stamina to do all that lies ahead for me. Please pray that the wonderful man God brought into my life recently (a true friend to all & especially the Redemptorists of Esker) stay in touch with me & that despite distance & the years between us we may contine to bring joy into each others life fall& if it be Gods will be married some day. Mother Mary hear my prayer & intercede for me with Thy Divine Son . Amen

  265. Please dear St Gerard plead for A&G for parenthood and healthy children
    Good catholic partners and happy and hol Y marriage for each of my children
    Strong faith ,prayer life and sacramental life for us all
    Thank you

  266. Please pray for my sister in law and I that we will be granted the gift of motherhood.

  267. Through the intercession of St Gerard and the Mother of Perpetual help please protect us all and always bless us with good health and happiness. Bless us all and keep us all safe. Help us always have a great marriage and please bless us with a healthy child and not to give up hope .Also protect our livelihoods,
    St Gerard pray for us.

  268. My husband and I have been praying for the gift of a child for 6 years. It has been very difficult. We would be grateful for your prayers.

  269. Almighty Lord,

    Please shower your blessing on me and my Job. Lord, the CFO – Fahim from Owners is quite adamant not accept resignation due to the very soon expiry of the contract with the present managment.

    Lord, I beg humbly to soften his stance and accept my resignation and release me at the earliest. Please send your angel during the meeting with AGM – Vincent from Managment team to Fahim. I beg Lord, i do not want to loose my job in Oman. I need your miracle on this to get Fahim accept my resignation.

    Prayers to all souls in purgatory. Have mercy on them


  270. Pls pray for a safe pregnancy and a safe delivery for me and my baby.
    Big risks involved.

  271. Please pray for my daughter Claire who is sitting a repeat examination today to enable her start a new job

  272. Please pray for my daughter Claire who is sitting a job opportunity examination today .This examination will determine and assist her to sustain employment if she passes. Please pray for a successful outcome.

  273. Request prayers for a miracle to ensure baby starts to develop as per dates. God please allow this baby to be born and for it to be healthy. Thank you most kindly.

  274. please pray to bring me and my unborn son through pregnancy and labor safe.please pray i will be happily delivered and give birth to a happy healthy son.

  275. Dear Mary our Heavenly Mother, together with St Gerard Majella please keep Aoife well and safe throughout her pregnancy and labour. May she and her baby grow to love Jesus, Mary and Joseph always and honour the Holy Family. St Gerard pray for all of us. Amen. Deo gratias

  276. Saint Joseph pray for us +++ amen

  277. Please help Damien to focus on his study and grant him success in his very important college exams and insurance exams.

  278. Mother please look after my husband as he starts chemotherapy please watch over him and cure him. Please also look after our family and help us to be strong for each other.

  279. Stabat Mater. Saint Jude pray for us. please hear my desperate request +++

  280. I ask Our loving Mother of Perpetual Help and St. Gerard to intercede for my son and his partner to have a successful pregnancy and to give birth to a normal healthy baby. They are very stressed and need your help. Thank you for many favours in the past.

  281. Mama Mary, please pray for me to resolve my personal problem. Please guide me and make me strong and always have faith with our Lord Jesus. I love you, Mama Mary !!!!


  283. Mother of Perpetual help, please continue to bestow blessings on all responsible for the wonderful novena I have just completed, it has invigorated my faith. I put my trust in you, please continue to protect my husband, children and both our families and friends. Thank you to the Redemptorists for keeping us in their prayers. We will pray for you also. Amen.

  284. Mother of Perpetual Help
    Intercede for us with your Son for the flourishing of the church and the flourishing of faith in the world today.
    I pray for our adult children as they face the challenges of our time. I pray today for my son that The Lord may bless in a difficult time.

  285. Please help and inspire my girls in their leaving and junior cert exams

  286. For the church in ireland in its current challenges. For all humanity to be united in Jesus. Take us
    Mary to your Son.

  287. please pray for all of my intentions and thanksgivings especially withdrawal from prescription drug and special intention especially at novena to Our Lady of Perputall Help God Bless and Thanks Carmel

  288. Could someone say a novena to Our Lady of Perpetual help , and a 54 day rosary novena for my prayer intentions?

    • Dear Michael, we will be very happy to include your intentions here in Esker in the coming nine days, during the annual Novena to the Mother of Perpetual Help,- and to keep you in our prayers through the coming month. Seamus Devitt C.Ss.R>

  289. please pray for me to be able to focus and concentrate so that I can pass my exams

  290. Thank you Lord for the wonderful news we received last week at our baby daughters medical appointment. Please continue to help her stay well and watch over her. Help us care for her as best we can.

  291. Please pray for Helen a 29yr old mother of 2 children who was recovering from cancer.She had a massive brain haemorrhage last friday.When they operated they found a large brain tumour which they removed.She was on life support until yesterday.She has not woken up fully from the operation and it looks like she may have had a stroke down her right side.Please pray that she will be restored to fullness
    Thank You all

  292. That our children continue to grow in awareness of their faith.

    Thanks Lord for all the blessings in our lives

  293. Please help my mother as she is in awful pain in the bottom of her back please god give her ease and pray that it will dissappear for good by this week please god help her.

  294. I ask this favour for my son. Please let him get admission in university this year. Grant us this prayer.Oh lady of perpetual succour pray for us.

  295. Please pray for my daughter and her unborn baby boy, Clark Patrick. The doctors just told her they have to induce labor today because the fluid is too low. Baby weighs about 3 1/2 pounds now. This is her first pregnancy. Thank you and God Bless You.

  296. for my personal intentions

  297. I pray for my adult children. That they may open their hearts to the love of Jesus in their lives. Thank you Lord for the joy which your love brings me. I try to stay in tune with that love. Remind me when I forget!

  298. Please pray for my mother give her peace of mind and for my daughter who is after starting college finding it abit difficult, pray for all sick people and those caring for them.

  299. May Our Lady save St Mary’s University College in Belfast. May She protect their Catholic ethos which is at the heart of what they do, and the reason for such high student satisfaction.

  300. mother mary bless my daughter anna who is going all alone to do her project work help her, guideher,and protect her these two days .allow her to complete her work successfully pray that she gets a very safe place to stay

  301. Please prayer for my family

  302. Healing of serious kidney disease for 4 yr. old Sydney.

  303. Please help me to get pregnant & give birth to a healthy baby. We really want to start a family. Thank you. Lord please hear our prayers amen xx

  304. Please help me to get pregnant & give birth to a healthy baby. We really want to start a family

  305. please pray for my son who’s doing exams last week and this week i hope that he passes his exams cause he need to go ahead to the next semester . he is under severe stress to pass his exams
    Lord Hear My Pray

  306. Dear Mother of Pepetual Help,

    please let me get the loan for my car today so il have it before christmas it would make things alot easier.

    Thank you x

  307. Please pray for my husband and myself we are under a lot of stress at the moment and are awaiting a decision on something which could help us soon. Thanksgiving for all our blessings

  308. Please our Queen Virgin Mary, intercede through your son Jesus Christ. Please both place your healing hands upon me and heal me from all pain, sickness, and disease, and return me to living a pain free life. I have been suffering for over a year now, and my prayers are yet to be answered, please answer my prayers for healing. To anyone reading this, please mention my name, Lisa Keogh, in your prayers for healing. I would be forever grateful. My young children and husband need me, please pray for my healing. God bless.x.

  309. Kindly pray for my son to grow in knowledge , wisdom, understanding ,reasoning power, discipline and to be away from all the evil habits & vices. Help him in his studies, and to complete his studies to have a bright future.Also gud health for me ,husband and all the family members. peace in the family and good prospectus. help us to clear our housing loan. Also my elder brother is having problem at his work place, he has low mentality and the ability to work is very low so I request you to pray for him also Lord Jesus Kindly hear our prayers Amen
    thank you for the prayers Sheryl

  310. pray with me to rid my house of rodents and stop them getting in so me & my family can sleep
    please hear our prayer

  311. Thanks, we will honour your request, and keep your intention in our prayers. Esker.

  312. Will you pray for myself and my husband as we are under a lot of pressure at the moment and need help through prayer . We are unable to sleep and are very stressed. Please help us? Thank you

  313. Can you include myself and my husband in your prayers and pray for us as we are going through a major worry at the moment and pray that we will get a job that we have applied for.

  314. Thank you for helping my daughter as she recovers from illness. Please help her have a good experience during the birth and deliver a healthy baby. Help both parents to cope well with the challenges of parenthood so that it strengthens their relationship.

  315. Dear Mother please watch over and comfort my family who are all suffering with grief following the death of my mother, my father especially who himself has 2 go for tests, I pray 2 you mother that all will be well for my father. Our mother of perpetual help please hear our prayers x

  316. Dear Mary please enfold my son in your arms and cure him of tormenting thoughts and anxiety and OCD. Calm his mind and make him well again .. I pray to you and the Lord. Amen

  317. Thank all the angels for the guidance and protection. Help eldest daughter find joy and happiness In work and love life, help second daughter continue to grow and do well, help son to pass exams and continue in his studies, grateful thanks to Mary and st Anthony for previous favours

    Please do not post on public page

  318. Mother Of Perpetual Help

    Bless & protect my family Keep them safe Grant my husband full employment thank you for his current job. also my young son help has with his week muscles tone, give him confidence to keep working to
    improve it
    Bless Kate & keep her free of Seizures , guide & direct her with her school work.Bless my work & keep
    me there, help me avoid all evil bless & protect all my co workers

    Thank you Mother for all you help in the past

  319. Help find lost wedding ring.

  320. Dear Mother thank you for listening .. I am very unhappy as the relationship I thought I was in seems to be over ..We have not seen each other in a few weeks as he’s been busy , only calling each other .. I love him think of him all the time..we had problems with family disaproving of our relationship ..but now he seems to be moving on .I wish I could see him to talk even .. I’ve prayed many novenas to the saints and angels begging for help . I pray that he might love me again .. Please pray for me too . Amen

  321. Please pray that my daughter who moved to Canada will get a job very soon as its beginning to get her down please help

  322. Please pray for me im having awful pain in my left shoulder down into my lung since june , please pray for me that this pain will go away for good and give me relief, please God.

  323. Dear Mother, Please heal my nephew from headache and other incurable illness of both mind and body, so that he may starting working For nearly more than 7 yearshe was not well. Please I beg you touch him and heal miraculously from his chronic and severe pain. Please also guide him and prompt him to be reconciled with his family and bless him with the love of Jesus. Please make these promptings so strong that he will act upon them and bring him out of his major depressive illness.. I beg this in the Name of your Son, Jesus the Lord who promised to grant anything asked in His Holy Name. Amen

  324. Dear mother Mary.Please help my beloved daughter to have a baby.She is so sad to not to be able to start a family.Please come to her aid I implore you

  325. Dear Mother, Please heal my third son of a dreadful incurable illness of both mind and body. Please beg he is healed miraculously from his chronic and severe pain. Please also guide him and prompt him to be reconciled with his family and bless him with the love of Jesus. Please make these promptings so strong that he will act upon them and bring him out of his major depressive illness.. I beg this in the Name of your Son, Jesus the Lord who promised to grant anything asked in His Holy Name. Amen

  326. Dear Mother, as a mother you see the broken heart I bear. Please grant my family the graces necessary to make amends, forgive each other, contact with love and be a unified family once again. I know God’s time is not our time but I have prayed this petition for many years, please take pity on this poor sinner and beg Your Son Jesus to relent and answer my prayer. Please today may I receive a sign that Jesus is listening, Thank you dear mother for the help my youngest son has received in his workplace this week. Please continue to guide and guard him. with your love. I beg The Holy Spirit take pity on me and answer me. In Jesus Name. Amen

  327. Dear mother,

    please let me have a great game tomorrow and give 110% on the field and make the right decisions on the ball and give me the fitness to last the full 70 minutes please. And to have a safe drive home tonight and be in good form for the match and be on form. Im really anxious about it so please say a prayer that my nerves will not get the better of me and have a great game. Thank you xxx

  328. To-day, I went to have a cardiogram checking the Heart,.To my surprise The result indicate that ,I have a possible anterior myocardial infarction .I was shock ,I have not told anybody about it . Please,Iam asking MOTHER PERPETUAL HELP,,and SAINT GERARD MAJELLA and be PRAYED BY OTHERS to help me find a good DOCTOR to look after me . And to get better I have got an appointment with the doctor on Monday. I will send the result to let you all know the outcome. Thank You xxx.

  329. Dear Mother Of Perpetual please help me to get job as assistant store manager. Please help me to give the interview well and get selected. 3 weeks before i had got proposal online. I had taken long time to think whether to say yes or no. Now he deleted the profile. I have liked it. Mother Mary please again he update his profile and send me the request . I want to show my dad and get married soon.

    Thank You

  330. please Mother of Perpetual Help pray for my relationship that it be reconciled healed and that we can both live a happy good loving life together and do good for others. I wish to thank all the saints who have been listening to my prayers and I thank them for helping me so much. The power of prayer is wonderful. please our mother of perpetual help listen to my plea .

  331. Dear Mother of perpetual help please look down on us as we play our 2nd championship game this evening
    please let us work hard and win the game without any injuries. Please let me have a good game and be a leader on the field.

    Thank you

  332. Our Lady of perpetual I ask you Please Give Grace and Healing for Paul MALA Day And Helen Barry
    Jaggers And. Rachel David Oliver Archie Imogen and DAMlAN Sebastian Day. Virginia Linto. And
    Christine Papalia and Giselle Thomas HuGH and Family and Lance James Day and Rachel Harry Lowe
    And Family and Sue Justin Day and family and Germaine Samdford. Colleen John Baker and family
    Diane Brian Keenan and Marie Keenan and Sue John peter Garland and family. And Mary Day Jenny petter

  333. bless holy saint gerard plz bless me and my man with a child we are longing for plz pray for me and my man too be come parents were trying 2 and half years now and cant convice easy i have polycystics overy and im on clomid 50mg tabs until setmber i have go back hopstail see if it help me become a mother plz god our bless of mother me and my man becom parents it stressing me out and it hard too im 28 and he 34 i be so great full all prayed and ur request too come true st gerard plz anwer me plz i trust in u really do my faint in u st gerard plz help me give me gift from our lady and from u amen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  334. Please pray for my daughter Laura that she will have a successful pregnancy this time please God.

  335. Mother of perpetual help asking for your divine intervention. .
    Please help me pass my nclex-rn on my 1st attempt.
    Able to work as a registered nurse in any u.s state.
    Good health for my son and loved ones.
    My family can overcome all financial struggle.
    Live a happy and contented life with my son Gerald and eugene free from stress and issues.tempation and cheating. .
    My son grows up emotionally stable spiritually oriented and God fearing. And with above average I.Q. In Jesus name amen.

  336. Healing of burn, strep infection, heart issues for Doug.

  337. Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, Please I beg of you to intercede to the Holy Spirit to inspire me to answer correctly in my Leaving Cert exams in the coming week. Keep me calm. help me to sleep and grant that the results of my HPAT exam will be satisfactory.

    Lord hear my prayer

  338. Our lady of knock im begging you to intercede with your son that gavin will get a job that he will enjoy and be able to do to the best of his ability I know this may take a miracle but I trust in the sacred heart of jesus for a positive outcome amen

  339. Please pray for my son who is doing his Leaving Cert at the moment that God and Our Lady and the Holy Spirit will guide and direct him so that he can remember what he needs to do his best. In appreciation for all favours received .

  340. Blessed mother, please asj Jesus to heal Terry’s dementia and halt any further brain damage, that Phil’s brain injury will continue to improve including his sight , that lapsed family members will return to the church, that my eye pressure will come down . For Elizabeth’s successful exam results a d for spiritual,physical a d mental healing .thank you blessed mother for always being there and thank you Jesus hor hearing the prayers of your holy mother.

  341. Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may grant me His divine mercy May the Lord open for me His door of graces and mercy to the glory of His name, amen.

  342. Please pray for me and for my family that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on us, grant us His divine favour, protection, good healthy, and divine direction in all our plans and purposes to the glory of God, amen.

  343. Mother of Perpetual Help, Please I beg intercede with Jesus to bring unity once again to my family. Please bring reconciliation, forgiveness and love to our large family. I need your help to beg Heaven to hear my urgent prayer. In Jesus Name. Amen. Thank You.

  344. please pray that my daughter will do well in her exams and not be stressing too much.
    please help me and my wife to get through a very difficult time we are having and be there for our children at all times. pray that we can resolve our differences

  345. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, please help me to be calm and not angry with others and be too demanding with them. Help me in my depression and my anxiety and I pray to you that I won’t be spending foolish money as a sense of satisfaction and eating out all the time. I am unemployed and if I got a job things would change everything. I am asking help from Our Lady.

  346. o mother please enlighten my daughter which exam level to take in her leaving cert
    please help my son & daughter through their exams to study the sections that will come up in their exams

    please pray for us hear our pray

  347. I am offering joyous thanksgiving to Our Lady of Perpetual Help for interceding in asking her most merciful Son to provide my husband, unemployed for 4 1/2 years due to a layoff, and 67 years old, with a wonderful job. As circumstances became most dire, that is when our prayer was answered. I have attended a weekly novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help for all this time—and my message is that perseverance is what the Lord requests. Even as I doubted, in my darkest moments, I persevered in prayer, in daily Mass, in many novenas. The Lord has provided us with a true miracle and I want to let everyone know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with the Lord. Stay strong in your faith and PERSEVERE. We are true witnesses to the power of prayer and the magnificence of the Lord. Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your love and intercession.

  348. Mother, please keep my daughter calm on tuesday for her final presentation. She is hoping to get Case Study either 1 or 4 please look down on her.

  349. I pray a dear kind neighbour and close family friend, who is angry, frightened, threatened and lonely due to the misdeeds of another. I pray that he will gain peace and healing from all his hurts and that the other in question will change his ways. Lord may there be justice for his acts. I pray that the Lord will guide all in their actions.

  350. Me and my husband are praying to have a baby.. been married for 2 years now.. please bless us

    and also I am praying to pass NCLEX RN Board exam and praying to get a job at a nearby hospital SIUH at a Maternity unit.

    please include my intentions in your prayers

  351. Dear St Gerard please bless us with a child and pray for a cure for my husbands shingles .
    Please for good health for us all and to bring us lots of blessings happiness and peace of mind in abundance.Bless all our family and friends.

  352. Dear mother of perpetual help please sort my life out with a job which l would like andhelp my daughters to pass their exams

  353. Dear mother
    Please help me through this difficult time in my life.Help me to find happiness in life like before.I pray that I find a new and satisifying job or that my current job changes for the better.I know I should be grateful that i have a job in these times but it is just so stressfuland doesn’t bring me happiness any more.Help me to be happy again.I pray that I get one more chance with Bxxxn.My head has been all over the place the last while and I don’t know if that has caused us not to connect again.If he is truly the one for me and has the same feelings for me as I do for him please give us one more chance to make a proper go of a lasting relationship.Please let us both have a proper opportunity to open up to each other and express our true feelings for each other.I just ask you to take this heavy weight away from me and let me find happiness in life again.Thank you for the good fortunes I have had through out my life.I am a good person and try to be helpful and nice to my family a friends but I have no one to help me through this hard period in my life.I am always the one people turn to for help but I have nobody no to turn to or just not able to ask anyone for help.please help me and give me strength.

  354. Hello,

    I am on sick leave from work and don’t know what the further holds. My brother died suddenly from sudden adult death syndrome 5 years ago and i really miss him. Help me to grieve his death and live the life I was born to live. I really want to do God’s work and I don’t think my job allows me to do this.

    Please pray that I will know God’s will and will have the courage to follow it.

    Please pray for all my friends and neighbours and all who are suffering in any way. Help people all over the world to show love and promote peace and compassion to everyone they encounter irrespective of their status, colour or creed.

    God Bless you,

  355. Hi.. I recently lost my job.. and looking for a job.. I’m working and helping my family financially.. I need a job soon as my dad doesn’t know I’ve lost my current job. Please pray for me. Thank you all.

    Priscilla Azavedo

  356. Dear mother,

    please let me pass my exam and both assignments. i am waiting for my results this week.

    thanks xxx

  357. Dear Mother,

    please help me to do well in one of my final exams on wednesday. iv worked really hard and put a huge amount of effort in. please guide me through it from 10.20 on wednesday morning. its so important to me.

    thank you xx

  358. our lady of perpetual help please please reach out to me your child at this time i am very sick with a lot of health problems i dont know who to turn to i ask your all loving and powerful intercession to restore me to full health again soon as i have an elderly relative and she needs my help and my company also my husband is very worried about me help me to get back to my old self again our lady of perpetual help if you grant my petition i promise to spread devotion to you by giving you a donation and a thanksgiving on the website of the galway redemptorists website iask you our loving mother of perpetual help to bless guide and protect all the redemptorists fathers at your monstery in all the masses and novenas they say for all the sick during 2014 may our mother of perpetual help bless you all love m xxx

  359. Please pray for my family & please pray that my daughter pass her exma

  360. Please pray for my daughter and the team to win their football game

  361. Please pray that I will walk again very soon. I am struggling with Multiple Sclerosis. I need my life back,



  362. Dear mother,

    i start my 4 weeks of placement tomorrow please let me be the best i can be and make a good impression and please make let them make me feel welcome and part of their team. I will be so ever grateful.

    Thank you xx

  363. Dear Mother,

    Today is the day, please let it be our day. I will be so every grateful

    Thank you xx

  364. Dear St Gerard Majella.
    I thank you for the gift of motherhood to date. I thank you for holding me when I’ve been low. Please, please please hear and answer my prayer to help me have another baby. I sit between fear I won’t have and anticipation that I will have another baby. Please help my heart know for sure which God desires for me. End my suffering if its not meant to be and give me strength to start living fully with the blessings that we do have. If it is Gods will that I will have another child, please assist that blessing.
    With thanks

  365. Dear St Gerard Majella, please take care of my sister, friend and loving mother Jackie. Keep her strong and healthy. Bless her with peace and happiness. I pray for her daughter Misha. Keep a watchful eye on them and bless their home and new plans. Please let love and joy embrace Jackie and let her share this world with someone who will honour and cherish her. Amen

  366. Dear St Gerard Majella, please take care of my friend and mother Loretta. Keep her strong and healthy. Bless her with peace and happiness. I pray for her children Jodie and Tommy. Keep her husband and herself in your care.

  367. Dear St Gerard Majella,

    Please keep my dear friend Caroline strong as she returns to work tomorrow.
    Bless her two children Clara and Zach. Watch over them both in her absence and keep them safe. Please keep both herself and her husband strong and in good health.

  368. Dear mother,

    You have answered all my prayers so far and I am so grateful I have one thing to ask for we play our county final next sunday and all I ask you for is for all of is to win and make everyone proud and please let us bring the cup home.
    I would be so grateful and il never forget us we could do with this break!
    I know there are worse off than me and I pray for them to but this is all I dream off
    Thanks xxxx

  369. Jesus my Lord and Redeemer I praise you and thank you. I love you. Hear the cry of your servant, hear me my Savior, Kristen Valentine is in most need of you. She in tormented daily. She has been crushed by life. She has given freely her love and compassion only to be struck down. Humiliation and pain, worthlessness are her daily feelings. Restore her my Lord. Repair her my King. Fill her to overflowing, with your light and love. Send forth your Holy Spirit, clean and clear her mind, body and spirit. Allow your Holy Angels to guide and protect her. Sprinkle droplets of your Holy Blood on her. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Never can I cease to Thank you, my God. In Jesus name I pray.

  370. Please god let my phone be handed in please please please x

  371. dear mother,

    pleasr say a prayer that this week will go good and nail surgery on tuesdsy will go wrll and i will fo it properlyand yhe mentor will br impressed. please ler us beat castlegar next weekend and let us all have good games wr could do with this boost for the club and the girls in it training hard. thabk you also for my all ireland success i will never forget it. xxxxx

  372. Dear Mothe4r, please let us win both all-irelands on sunday and please say a prayer us the intermediates will win and that i will have the game of my life full back.

    Thank you xx

  373. Dear mother,
    please let me have a good game this evening and please let me pass my exam the results are out friday.

    Thank you xxx

  374. Dear mother,

    please let us win our match this evening and let us all have a good game and not let anyone get injured.

    Thank you xxx

  375. Dear mother, thank you for everything you have done this week for me. please pray that i will pass the exam on the 6th of sept and win the all ireland on the 15th of sept. please let training this week be ok and help me get through it and help us win the club match in thursday.

    Thanks very much xx

  376. Dear mother, thank you for helping me get through my exam please let me get a good result and get into my final year. I have one more favor to ask and that is to play well tomorrow in the all ireland semi final please let me have a good game and be the best i can please give me the confidence to b good and please help us to win and go to croke park in sept.

    Thank you xx

  377. Dear mother, tommorrow is the day i will resit the exam ,please let my hard work pay off and not let it be to hard and come out happy known that iv passed. Thank you

  378. Dear mother, please let training go well this week as we have a intermediate all ireland semi final next saturday and please let me have a great game and full of confidence and believe in myself. Thank you xx

  379. Dear mother, please pray for my friend who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer plese let her have a speedy recovery thank you xx

  380. Dearest mother please let this feeling of tiredness be lifted off me and fill me with energy. Please let me pass my exam on the 22nd of this month and let me get through the final year. Thank you xx

  381. Help my son to find the strength to ask fo help so taht he can becpome a happy healthy member of scoiety

  382. Dearest mother, please help me through this difficult time in my life and please give me some direction and help me pass my exam and please let me get through my final year. thank you xx

  383. Please make me better I’m in bed very sick with a bad cough and bad cheast infection and I’m giveing out communion on Sunday please make me better before Sunday it’s a big deal for me I want to follow Jesus with all my heart and do good good work for him and please let my mum test go ok on Thursday when she goes into hostiple to get it done thank u for everything u do for me xxxx

  384. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Succor and St. Gerard, please bless myself and my husband with a beautiful child/children that we desperately long for.

  385. Please watch over my daughter when she is on overseas vacation trip next Wednesday till Friday. Protect and keep her safe and away from all dangers and harm. Come to her aid whenever in need and that she have an enjoyable trip and bring her back home safely.
    Thank You, You’re Loving Son

  386. *Mother of perpetual succor, my daughter is starting college exams tomorrow, please give her guidance and inspiration at her time of need, also for her presentation on Friday. This is very nerve wrecking for her.
    Thanking you for listening to us once again. A mother

  387. Please pray for our daughter in laws mother. Rosie had a serious bleed on her brain and is seriously ill in hospital. Thank you and God be with you.

  388. Dearest Mother,

    Please watch over my son and daughter-in-law when they are on overseas vacation trip next weekend for two weeks. Protect and keep them safe and away from all dangers and harm. Come to their aid whenever they are in need and that they will have an enjoyable trip and bring them back home safely.
    Thank You, You’re Loving Son

  389. Please pray for my daughter-in-law who has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is just starting her first course of Chemotherapy. Please pray also for her husband and eighteen month old baby daughter.

  390. Dear god, i have two daughters and they do not seem to be growing at the normal rate of other children. in fact my 7 year old has the height of an average 4 year old. she has become very conscious of this recently.Also people are saying it to her when they meet her and it is eroding her self confidence.Many thanks forever hopeful.

  391. Please could you pray that the Lord will heal me in heart, mind and body. In this year of faith, I am returning to the heart of the church! May I witness to my husband, son and everyone I encounter the completely transformative power of the Lords mercy and grace and thus draw each one into his loving arms. I need all the graces I can get. Your prayers are most appreciated.
    My birthday is on the feat day of Our LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP

  392. I am doing the hardest exams in my life and I have to pass at least 3 out of 5 of them to go to the next stage. Please PRAY for me and I ask for your favourable interdiction in this matter so – maybe successful!!

  393. Please pray for my marriage. Not posted

  394. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,
    thank you for so many blessings and answers to prayers
    at the novena
    i am begging for your prayers for ongoing heavy blood loss
    thank you

  395. please pray for the gentle soul of my dear dad who died 1st jn,he is missed very much,also that i will get back my faith,,i ve lost it.dear jesus put your arms around my darling children and keep them in your care thank u for my life,please help me live it better.

  396. Th nk you Our Lady for helping my husband find work he had been unemployed for a few years I placed all my trust in you and you heard my prayer.
    Thank you Our Lady, we will be eternally grateful.

  397. Dear Mother or Perpetual help,

    Thank you for helping me pass my exams!! x

  398. Dear Mother or Perpetual help,

    please let me pass all my exams that i have just done i have alot of hard work put in so please let it pay off.
    Thank you x

  399. Mother of Perpetual Succor and St. Gerard, please give light to my daughter Shauna tomorrow at 11.30 as her exams are starting. They will continue over the next 2 weeks. She in college in Manchester and finds it very stressful to leave home. Give her confidence and strength. Thanking you. Her mum. Please do;nt print in public page

  400. St, Gerard,
    Please help me do well in my exams and let my hard work pay of. Please help me get on well in my praticals and do well in them aswel. please say a prayer for all my family to . Thank you x

  401. Dear Mother of Perpetual Succor,
    Please give me peace of mind for 2013, financial peace and peace at home. I also ask for you to remember my Shauna in her upcoming exams on Jan 7th and for Darragh to get a job.
    Thanking you.

  402. St. Gerard i ask for you to keep my sister Jade and the baby in her womb in your prayers. I pray for a healthy happy baby and a safe delivery in january 2013. Accept the prayers and candles i offer in your honour at home. St. Gerard pray for us. X

  403. im begging for prayers for a young girl of 18, Niamh, in London tonight waiting to have an abortion tomorrow morning at 8am, it was planned for this morning but we prayed and it was cancelled, today is 23rd so if anyone gets this before tomorrow morning please pray, thank you so much, Mary

  404. please pray that i will get pregnant with our first child . we long for this so much to happen.

  405. Help heal my problem with whiplash and please St gerard help restore my upper body strenght.Help me find true love and a new job.All this may take a miracle but this is your novena

  406. Pray for those that are suffering from mental ill health . I ask you to guide and protect them and not let them only see one choice . Life is for living and their is hope they just need to find it . Pray for those that have died by suicide , our friends and our family . The communities and parishes & those indirectly affected . Please protect charities that are seeking to support them with the love of God . Hear our prayer

  407. Please pray that I would overcome my fear of travelling on Trains and Buses, to be able to attend my brother’s wedding in limerick in 3 weeks time, also that the doctor will keep me on my current medication.
    Pray for health of mind, body, soul, and spirit for my family and myself, most especially for my brother Brian who has a cancer scare at the moment. And for my special intentions. thank you.

  408. im asking for prayer for my friend Amanda, her husband just walked out and left
    he with 2 young kids, her oldest child is autisitc and needs constant attention
    she is breaking down completely, falling apart , she has no support at all in
    her local community from friends or family, Jesus and Mary help her now

  409. I am asking for prayers for my sister Nuala who suffers from Parkinsons Disease and is experiencing
    bad side effects from Parkinsons Drugs and is also suffering from Anxiety. I am begging the Lord for Healing for her


  410. Please pray for my daughter Louise who is in a bad place. Needs lots of prayers to guide her on the right path. Thank you.

  411. i am asking for prayer for my sister in law, she is 40 now with 4 children, aged 3 to 16
    shes had awful bad health for years and is getting worse and is going for tests
    on monday, maybe for more surgery, im begging our lady for healing for her
    in body and mind and spirit
    her name is Angela Mcmanus
    thank you very much

  412. i want to ask for prayer for my friend Mary who is going through
    intense suffering now at the hands of others,
    please God give her strength and deliver her
    from this inhuman suffering
    Lord graciously hear us
    thank you
    ys Mary