Pray with St. Gerard

St. Gerard Majella Novena Prayer

Almighty God,
from his boyhood years
you blessed St. Gerard with generosity of soul,
and led him to do yor will in heroic ways.

By your grace he lived his brief life
in intense love for you
and for those in need.
Hear his prayers now for us
and for all poor souls in trouble.

St. Gerard, friend of sinners,
friend of the poor,
friend of mothers and children,
it is our joy and consolation to come to your novena
to remember the goodness of your life,
your burning sense of God
your tender love for Our Lord and his mother, Mary,
your kindness and care for everyone in need.

Pray for us now in our time of need.
Pray for us in our sickness.
Pray for us in our confusion and despair.
Pray for us in our struggle with life and its mysteries.
Remember especially those who long for children
and mothers about to give birth.
Remember those who have wandered from the
practice of the faith
and need the grace of reconciliation.
Remember all of us poor sinners in our particular needs. Amen.

St. Gerard Prayer for Mother-To-Be

St. Gerard,
you were especially sensitive to the needs of mothers.
Pray for me and my baby.
Ask our good Lord to keep us happy and safe,
and bring us to a joyful birth. Amen

St. Gerard Prayer for Parenthood

St. Gerard,
you had deep compassion
for those who longed for children.
Pray for us in our longing
and bring our love to a joyful fulfilment.
Ask our Lord and his Mother Mary
to bless us with the birth of a child. Amen

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