Prayer in a time of Plague (Coronavirus / Covid19)

The current Coronavirus pandemic has moved some researchers to delve back into the past and find prayers written is those far-off days asking God’s help in the midst of people’s suffering.  The following is a prayer from the 15th Century, credited to St. Jacopo Soldi.  We offer it to you for inclusion in your prayers at this troubled time.  Denis Luddy CSsR.

Prayer in a time of Plague (Coronavirus / Covid19)

Prayer of Saint Jacopo Soldi against the plague (1478)

To you I pray, Almighty God, who are the cure of cures and healer of healers,

salvation and life to all who hope in You, from whom all things are,

and in whom all things are, whose will none can resist, who spoke and all things were made, who commanded and all things were created, who struck you people Israel with a plague on account of their sins, and who mercifully shows kindness

to those who turn back from evil ways, take this plague from your servants,

and let no living soul be lost from it.  Remember, I pray, Sublime Creator,

your covenant that You promised to our Fathers and command your angel who is set to strike to now hold back his hand.

And do not abandon your flock, Eternal Shepherd,

but shelter it by your constant protection. Restrain your anger, I pray, you who said that [the person] who does penance will live and not die.

Even though we have sinned, we have still not denied you.

Therefore, we flee to Your protection, O Mighty God, do not despise our petitions, but free us instead from this deadly pestilence.

Have mercy on us, Supreme Father, and according to your great mercy

blot out the sins and offences of your children.

Hear the prayers of your servants and come to their aid, we who do not cease daily to cry out, Holy, Almighty God, have mercy on us.   AMEN…